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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SMR619, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. SMR619

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    About a week ago I tried to use firmware HyperWRT2.1b1 tofu12
    At the time my current firmware was Linksys 4.20.7
    I ended up 'bricking' my router and with the help of a Linksys tech, got my router back online.
    I now have latest firmware from Linksys ( 4.20.7 ) but would like to try again.I was told that the reason I failed last time was that HyperWRT2.1b1 tofu12 did not support my current firmware ( 4.20.7 ) if true or not, it didnt seem to work.
    I was told to try another.So here I am asking for suggestions on firmware and a guid on doing it so I dont mess up my router again.
    Reason I want to change is for BT and from what is said, official Linksys firmware is messed up and effects BT in a bad way.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. myersw

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    Be sure and read the installation documentation for Hyperwrt. It states you need to install dd-wrt mini first. This is because the offical firmware cannot load images greater then 3MB. Will probably brick router if you try. After you have dd-wrt mini installed you can install Hyperwrt.
    By the way, I have used both and find that Hyperwrt+tofu is much more stable on my wrt54g v1.1 and wrt54gs v.4 the dd-wrt v23.
  4. SMR619

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    From what I am seeing ( reading ) it only states the WRT54GSv4 needing the dd-wrt mini
    In any case, can I get some links and install notes for my WRT54G version 2 that has official firmware version 4.20.7
    If I still need this dd-wrt mini, where do I get it and how does this install go about?
  5. pharma

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    Unless there is a really good reason why you need a third party firmware, stick with what linksys gave you. I have HyperWRT Tofu v13 running on both my wrt54g's (v 1.1 & v4.0).

    A good place for info regarding HyperWRT is in their official forum at http://www.hyperwrt.org/forum/index.php , also the Hyperwrt forum at linksysinfo.org is good. A forum search will point you to threads that explain the process and where to get things.

    You want to get the dd-wrt mini generic from http://www.dd-wrt.org. There is no specific download for mini generic - one you might try is in the 121005-2.dd-wrt.v23.mini_beta1.zip archive, but if it's not there try another mini-generic archive for V23.

    Tofu has a readme on his web site. Take a look and read the upgrade section:


    You can also get his latest download from his site and some of the other mirrors listed there.


    The install process for you will go -->
    put dd-wrt-mini_generic on first, then to tofu's. if you see upgrade_failed, you need to reboot before trying again

    Hope this helps.
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