Losing certain ports - not others WEP54gs to Wep54gs-

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by FunkyIT, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. FunkyIT

    FunkyIT Network Guru Member

    Help! We are slowly losing Port connections across 2 WET54gs’

    I have a Network with
    (Building 1)
    Server1 - DNS/WINS/Exchange Machine
    Server2 - SQL Server
    15 Workstations (Wired) switch> WET54G
    Internet Gateway via T1
    Building 2
    10 Workstations (wired) into a switch > WET54g

    I have the two buildings connected via a 2 - WET54gs' which are setup ADHOC WEP 64 and the ip are set on the same sub net 192.168.1.x with the gateway set to the internet router (via t1 in the 1st building)
    I also have spanning tree turned on (right now) but no difference either way

    The problem:
    Over time (10 mins to an hour) .. we lose...
    Active Directory Login
    Drive mappings....
    SQL connections
    Remote Desktop
    But not all at the same time and not in this order every time.

    All the workstations are XP pro .. SP2 and SP1 (SP1 machines are more reliable but still eventually lose the connection)

    Everyone in Building 1 works fine
    everyone in building 2 WORKED fine when they were / are connected to in building 1.

    I have upgraded to the latest firmware in both (I have a total of four WEP's to play with and all are upgraded) as of 9-5-05

    Any one have any thoughts....

    I thought is that I maybe over loading the WET54 (10 clients vs 4 ports)
    But I am using the second set to test out a connection with 1 PC and it fails too

    Any info / dialog is greatly Appreciated
  2. FunkyIT

    FunkyIT Network Guru Member

    and ... Reboot (power or Via telnet /bin/reboot) fixes it

    and ... Reboot (power or Via telnet /bin/reboot) fixes it

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