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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pferris, Nov 9, 2005.

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    1) I'm a newbie here, but as someone that's called Linksys tech support on several occasions and hung up more frustrated than when I began the call, I appreciate this resource! More often than not I reach a dead end with someone that has a let's say "marginal" command of the English language. After explaining the problem 2 or 3 times I usually get a "So what is it that you are wishing us to do?"!!! Or somethat simply says "Ok...", "Yes, OK...", "OK" to everything you say and when you reach the end of the tale they just say "OK" and there's silence. Maybe a "How is it that I can be of help for you?". &^%$#@ Sooo, I certainly see the need and appreciate the likes of LinksysInfo! What a great resource!

    2) To the point: I have a WRT54GS, V1 running Linksys firmware v4.70.6. I am also paying for a Parental Controls subscription - to keep my 15 yo son at bay! ;-) Overall, it seems to do a good job. Recently however, I suspect my son (perhaps with help from 'the net') has devised a way to circumvent Parental Controls. The PCH helper applet is MISSING in all user profiles (his, mine, etc.). As mentioned, I've called Linksys and "LiveChatted" with them at least 3 times on this to no avail. Always ending in frustration. I simply want to know how to FORCE a reload of the Parental Control Helper app. I've even gone so far as to reset the router, "reconnect(ed) router" (via Parental Controls page), etc. Nothing I do seems to reload the PCH app. Worse, my son (or anyone in any profile) can now surff wherever & whenever they wish!

    Since Linksys is unable to provide a solution in a reasonable amount of time, etc; I thought I'd ask here. I'm not opposed to running an alternative flavor firmware load *IF* there's one that supports parental control in some fashion.

    While I'm at it... I'm disappointed that Linksys apparently does not support any IP address wildcarding, etc. in their port forwarding/triggering, etc. pages. For example, if I want to allow PCAnywhere to run on an oddball port, I have to open it for each PC on my network (4 at the moment). Why not allow something like xxx.xxx.xxx.* ? And then they (Linksys) only gives you 10 entries in a table. That's fairly lame, no?! I say either support wildcards (*) or allow more table entries! But I digress.

    Glad I discovered this site! So far, I'm very impressed!

    All help sincerely appreciated! Any replies can go to:
    linksysinfo AT pferris DOT com


  2. pferris

    pferris Network Guru Member

    Follow-up to my post...

    When I say the PCH applet is missing, I mean just that -- it's not visible in the system tray anymore, and you're not challenged to log in as anyone when you attempt to surf (open a browser session). Arrrrghh. Linksys tech support seems clueless.


  3. hbrar

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    Parental Controls by device

    I use the PC feature in my home. However, I don't use the applet on my computers. Instead, I've configured the PC feature to use the privileges based on the MAC address of the user. All my family members have their own computers so this made it very simple. You might want to assign your son's privileges based on his computer. Hope this helps.
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