Low signal with WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by robwatton, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. robwatton

    robwatton Network Guru Member


    I have a linksys WRT54GS
    Firmware v2.09.1

    I get really poor signal strength unless the ap and desktop are next to each other, even line of sight 10 feet apart is very poor.

    I have replaced the unit with another one and the problem is still the same.

    I have tried to upgrade the firmware from linksys and the ap tell me it is not a valid image file.

    I have also tried the hyperwat (i think thats what its called) firmware and that also does not work

    can anyone please help


    (United Kingdom)
  2. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    are you flashing the .bin file or the zip file? (use the .bin)

    1)  Before you start,30 second reset then  be sure you are using a PC that is connected to the WRT54G
        via a wired (Ethernet) connection.
    2)  Open your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)
    3)  In the Address bar, type in the IP address of your router.  The default IP
        address is
    4)  Leave the username blank and enter your password.  The default password is "admin",
        all lower case.
    5)  Click on the Administration tab.
    6)  Click on Firmware Upgrade.
    7)  Browse for the firmware file that you have just extracted.  The file name should end
        in .bin
    8)  Click the Upgrade button.
    9)  The router will begin its upgrade routine.  Do not power off or unplug the router until
        the process is completed.  This process may take up to 5 minutes to complete.another 30 second reset
  3. robwatton

    robwatton Network Guru Member

    Yes I have extracted the zip files

    The file names are hyperwap_ver1.0.trx



    I assume these to be the bin files, do I need to rename them to anything special ?


  4. jac

    jac Network Guru Member

    I also had really bad signal strength from my WRT54GS with the factory firmware. I reflashed to the latest and my signal strength increased by around a 25% margin!!!!

    I'd go with the latest Linksys formware first and see if that fixes your problem.
  5. bluedog

    bluedog Network Guru Member

    Also make sure you have the right firmware.. Your subject refers to a wrt54gs and your dialog refers to a WAP. AFAIK a WAP is different from a WRT
  6. robwatton

    robwatton Network Guru Member

    Many thanks for the replies.

    Have downloaded the 3rd party firmware from this site and now all is ok.

    Power output was very low and now have turned up (not to the max) and all is working great.

    Shame linksys can't do this as standard.


  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    they wont do this as regulations dont allow it.
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