low speed at 500 meter distance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by avax, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. avax

    avax Network Guru Member

    Ok people please help me Im using wrt54g with 9db HELIX antenna and dd-wrt firmware but at this distance i get speed about 5mbits why?
  2. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Because the client cannot reply back with equal and opposite power?

    Because of the fresnel zone effect?

    Because your antenna isn't directional?
    Vertical collinear arrrays boost transmission and reception from every direction thus taking in a far greater amount of interference.

    Because the client's antenna isn't directional?
    *try a hawking corner reflect model on the client side--or a cantenna or yagi or dish?

    Because the antenna selector isn't on the side with the big antenna and is using the small antenna instead--caused by the fact that some of the units are backwards internally?

    Because you should turn the power up to 126 (V4, GL) or 168?

    Because you need newer drivers that don't drop connections? New HyperWRT versions from Thibor and Tofu may offer better speeds. See the forums at hyperwrt.org for more information.

    Because you should get a hawking 500mw booster plus a large directional antenna for the client? This will cover several miles.
    If the client is a laptop, you'll need a card with an antenna jack (if your antenna is outside) or Hawking's long range laptop card (100 feet or so indoors).

    Because one of the neighbors at your site or the client site is using the exact same channel?

    Because 5mbits is actually a good long range link--as long as it doesn't drop?
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