Low throughput between ethernet and WiFi on WRT54Gv2

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sebwifi, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. sebwifi

    sebwifi Network Guru Member

    I have curious behaviour between a pc 'A' with a wifi card and a pc 'B'
    linked to WRT54G with 100Mb Ethernet.
    When I transfer large file (~100Mo) from A to B, I can reach 3Mb/s only
    and when I get a file from B to A, I can reach 18Mb/s.
    I tested with two PCI card on pc A, WG311 (Atheros) and XG900 (Prism)
    with the same behaviour.
    I am using WinXP sp2 on pc 'A' and Linux/Samba3 on pc 'B'.
    The WRT54G (latest firmware) seems to have difficulties to receive
    at full speed on is WiFi link and route to ethernet although signal
    is good and 54Mbps is negociated, regarding status on pc 'A'.

    Any idea of what can be wrong ?
  2. sebwifi

    sebwifi Network Guru Member


    I reply to myself,
    my problem was caused by an icompatibility between WRT54G and an
    SMC1211TX ethernet card (and the Linux driver ??) on my pc 'B' .
    Replacing it with a 'real one' 3COM 3C905B solved my speed problem
    on the wifi side !!
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