Mac Filtering with Alchemy v1

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Jerseydevil, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Jerseydevil

    Jerseydevil Guest

    After reading thru the forums here, very cool place BTW., I decided to buy a WRT54G v2.2 and set it up as a wireless bridge with my WRT54GS v1. Well after some trials and tribulations, and almost throwing it across the room I finally got it to work. However, one thing I noticed is that it seems Mac filtering is not possible??? Has anyone discovered a way to enable this. Any and all replies would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    The HTTP GUI only supports MAC filtering for wireless connections. If you're really desperate you can do MAC filtering on wired clients with iptables or ebtables rules from the command line.
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