Macintosh Connection to WRV54G

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by djdconsulting, May 22, 2006.

  1. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    With much help from DocLarge and others on this forum I was successful in setting up a VPN for Windows based machines to connect via QuickVPN!

    My client however has 3 Macintosh machines that need to connect remotely when traveling. First I attempted to configure the VPN Tunnels to allow access and had no success. My next step involved contacting Linksys to assist me over the phone. Well after 3 hours of configuration and changing settings I still got no where.

    I indicated that upon changing some settings and configurations I was not able to connect on a PC based machine either! There final answer was that the device was defective and upon obtaining a new one I would have my problems resolved. Now I have seen a lot of posts on here indicating that Linksys informs you that the device is defective and returning it will resolve your problems but I told them that I don't think it will.

    Again I can connect using QuickVPN however when I create a tunnel and change some settings I can't connect via Mac or PC! Thats telling me that its a setting, not the device. In any case, has anyone here had any success connecting to the VPN via a Mac? Linksys said that if I could find out the port that the Mac VPN uses I could do port triggering. So, I did and its "1723" and tried port triggering with them on the phone and suprise...that didn't work either!

    At the end of the call I pretty much asked if their product will work with a Mac at all and they couldn't answer...then again I was dealing with someone in India probably! Any idea, thoughts, advice??? My client really doesn't want to have to return this or do additional work. I'm pretty much going nuts here. Thanks to all who have assisted before. :sad:
  2. DocLarge

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    Quickvpn is designed to work with PC's from what I've been able to gather because it's based around Windows IPSEC.

    In order to do what you want, you'd need to reconstruct the code. There was a time someone is this forum (last year) found a way to make a "poor man's vpn client" to connect to his MAC based on quickvpn technology; I have no idea who that was or where the post is, but it's "here" in the threads from 2005 "somewhere."

    The WRV54G "will not" pass GRE traffic, which is what you need for PPTP vpn, nor does it support NAT-T; you need another router for what you want :(

    If you stay linksys, there's the new WRV200, which I personally have just purchased, and is on its way as we speak. Other choices that do NAT-T and GRE are the linksys befvp41, smc smcbr14up, and the smc smcbr14vpn firewall router.

  3. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    I'm not to firmiliar with router or IP technology so I don't know what NAT-T really does. (forgive me! =) )

    But if what you are saying is I need that to make it possibly work for a Mac, then perhaps I shall go return the device and look into the WRV200.

    Interesting though that the WRV200 is cheaper than the WRV54G (at least by me after doing a search) Doesn't it do the same?

    I'm also going to "briefly" look for this homebrewed application that someone posted on here awhile ago. It may be worth my troubles.

    Thanks for the advice!

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