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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ndata, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. ndata

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    well i went to circuit city thanks giving weekend and decieded it was time finally to upgrade to a wireless router after 7 years or bef41sr i think it was. oh well so i picked up a wrt54g v5 not knowning anything about 3rd party firmware. now after many problems with even connecting to the internet or getting slow internet speeds. i decieded to search the internet to see if this was a major problem and i guess i was right. what version would you guys recommend for playing a lot of computer games and ps2 online. also i use a software called port magic witch opens game ports on the fly and i guess v5 wont let PM detect it for some reason. is v5 even going to be worth it or should i return it? or should i wate for firmware? sorry for the bad spelling.
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  3. NateHoy

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    Ignoring the SPAM above this post (groan...)

    If you can find it, pick up a WRT54G V4 or earlier.

    If not, a WRT54GS V4 is identical to a WRT54G V4, and the WRT54GL is the same thing, too.

    I suspect your problem is in UPnP support. I'm going to assume the Port Magic stuff uses UPnP. Do you have UPnP enabled on your G V5?
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