Main computer is running very slow with WRT54G

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by braz, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. braz

    braz Network Guru Member


    *newbie alert*

    I must admit i am really a novice computer user. I've looked at these pages before and in reading some of the responses to the questions, i often don't understand them. this is just to say that if you are kind of enough to reply to this query, please dumb-down the tech talk as much as possible. honestly, if in doubt, please spell it out. There, i said it. i'm not ashamed to admit i'm computer dumb. Thank you very much in advance for any assistance.

    Okay, here is my situation:

    I installed a Linksys RT31P2 broadband router and WRT54G wireless router to my Dimension 4600C. I have cable internet which runs from the wall into the RT31P2, then from the RT31P2 into the WRT54G, then from the WRT54G into the Dimension. I run my telephone (Vonage) from the RT31P2 because it has two telephone ports, and i use the wireless from the WRT54G to surf the net on my Inspiron 600m in another room.

    Although it took me a hell of a long time to set these two routers up to work together, i finally accomplished that. But here's the thing... now my main computer (i.e. the Dimension Desktop, the one that is connected to the WRT54G router via the RT31P2 router) is incredibly slow. Not just when using the internet... the whole computer is "gummed up" whenever i run any type of application. This was not a problem before i installed the routers. My remote computer (the Inspiron laptop, which uses the wireless internet) works perfectly with very fast internet, and my telephone service from Vonage is fine.

    If anyone could offer any assistance i would be tremendously appreciative. However, if you are kind enough to respond, please bear in mind that i am an absolute rookie at this... terms that may seem simple to you make my head spin. Yes, i am computerdumb but i am trying to learn. Thank so you much in advance.
  2. jagboy

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    ok i hope i made this post simple and clear. :wink:

    now just to do some truobleshooting take the laptop and try to plug it into the router and see if the laptop is running slow. if so then it is the router that has a problem.

    now if i read your post correct this is your network setup:
    cable modem-------RT31P2-----WRT54G-----dell 4600C
    (and you have a wireless laptop)

    now after you did that move the WRT54G router in from of the RT31P2 so it your setup should look like this.
    cable modem---WRT54G-----RT31P2------dell 4600C
    ( and the wireless laptop)

    and take the desktop and see if you could connect it to the wireless network. if it is slow then it has to be the a computer problem.
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