make an airport base station extend to WTR54GS

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by EFDisaster, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. EFDisaster

    EFDisaster LI Guru Member

    I dunno if I can do this at all, but I have both of these pieces of hardware and the signal from the base station seems to be dropping out all the time, so I was hoping to extend it with the WTR54GS. I can get the signal from the Base Station wirelessly on the WTR54GS, and I have them set to the same SSID and channel, but it doesn't seem like this is truly a "cloud," is it?

    I'm also not sure if they even have the password to the Airport Base Station, so I haven't even managed to get into the setup of that box.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  2. EFDisaster

    EFDisaster LI Guru Member

    I replaced the Airport with my WRT54GX2 ... and my WTR54GS (travel router) gets its connection from the SRX router, but they're still different SSIDs (if I set them to the same SSID, the computers get confused or something and I can't get an internet connection)... so the signal is "Extended" if the computer changes to the closer SSID (we have a few laptops in the house that go upstairs and downstairs occasionally)... is there a better way to set this up?
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