Max Antenna Cable Distance????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kansel, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. kansel

    kansel Guest

    What is the max cable distance for an antenna cable from the 54G?
    I plan on using quality cable too! I also did not plan on using an amp, but may have to......

    Please help!
    Linksys tech support told me 10 feet.
    Other websites told me 40 feet if quality cable is used.
    Does anyone know for certain?
  2. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    It is very subjective. The rule of thumb is the short the better. No matter how good is your cable, the signal loss is significant over long length and not to mention the thickness of the cable that is unsightly and very expensive. Amp will not help much, if it help at all.

    I have an WRT54G as an AP using a 15dBi Omni antenna with about 18m of LMR600 cable. I have a WAP54G AP client using a 20dBi Yagi antenna about 700m away with about 5m of LMR600 cable. Connectivity is ok but not very good. I have another client that is about 2km away using 20dBi Yagi antenna with about 23m LMR600 cable that have very very weak signal. I can't have a decent connection at all. I am now working on moving the WRT near the antenna with enclosure at the AP end and the 2km AP Client end. I used a 500mW amp at both end before but it did not help. There maybe some inteference in my case as there is a high tension power line running across my path that I cannot avoid. The reason for an Omni antenna at my AP is I have mutiple clients. If after moving the WRT near the antenna still cannot have a decent connection for my 2km site, I will need to consider having a dedicated point-to-point connection for this 2km site with Yagi at both ends.
  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    My longest antenna run is 10 feet of LMR-400. Plus another few feet and more loss for lightning arrestor and pigtail. I do not go longer if I can help it. I contemplated one setup with 30-feet of cable. For that I was going to use LMR-600 which is fairly expensive. You can lose all your signal gain if you use a cable that is too long/thin. I would feel fairly confident going 50-100 feet with LMR-900 difficulty is finding funding for cable that fat.

    You should read the specs on cable at, tells you how much signal you lose per 100 feet with different diameters, you can do the math.

    @Kulai, consider switching to multiple AP with sector or panel antenna, and Horizontal Polarization. There is more to antenna choices than just omni and Yagi. I run 2 AP's each with it's own 120-degree H-Pol sectors, works pretty well. I would suspect a lot of your problem is that omni is usually vertical polarity and accepting interference from all directions, and consumer devices are all normally set for V-Pol.
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