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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by dankim831, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. dankim831

    dankim831 Network Guru Member


    i have a connection rated at 10mbits /sec downlink and 640 kbits/sec uplink.

    when i'm directly connected to the cable modem that i have, i average about 7500 kbits /sec. when i'm directly connected to the router (wrt54gs) i get about the same.

    however, when i try to do this through wireless, even with a laptop beside the router (or even within a few meters of the router), i only get about 5000 max and about 3000 - 4000 kbits/sec maximum bandwidth while the upload bandwidth is about the same as connected directly.

    is wireless really that much slower or is something wrong? i'm assuming that a connection thats at 54mbits/sec through wireless should get atleast 27 mbits per/sec because its half duplex which would mean that i should get the same as when i'm directly connected.

    is there a maximum wireless bandwidth that is known for the wrt54gs? or is something wrong.

  2. dvaskelis

    dvaskelis Network Guru Member

    I get very similar results either using a wired or wireless client on the Speakeasy Speed Test. Perhaps you have issues with your wireless? (interference, client configuration, etc.)
  3. dankim831

    dankim831 Network Guru Member

    yea i'm thinking interference. theres quite a few AP's around me. but i thought maybe being right bseside the router would helpa bit.
  4. maxzerker

    maxzerker LI Guru Member

    This is my WRT54GL+Tomato 0.7 mini test.
    I hope it would show you something.

    WLAN -> LAN

    LAN -> WLAN

    Both direction
  5. canis

    canis Network Guru Member

    I have to test the throughput too.
    Wich tool made these nice graphs? Can you give me a hint?
  6. maxzerker

    maxzerker LI Guru Member

    IxChariot (Application Traffic Emulation)

    This is commercial software. (crack is very hard to find)
    but if you're interesting just PM me.
  7. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    dankim831, is your Frame burst and Speedbooster on on the WRT54GS, and in your card/adapter's driver?

    27 Mbps is really idealistic, as part of bandwidth is used to make sure the signal get from one side to the other. However, with Speedbooster/Afterburner, and (most impact IMO) Frame burst, you can exceed 27 Mbps under ideal conditions.

    Perhaps time a file transfer from a wired to wireless computer, and the other way round, which takes the speed of the routing/internet out of the equation, and will give you a better idea of your wireless speed.
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