McAfee Wireless Guard, Win 2k and WRT54GS v1

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Dukeydoo, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Dukeydoo

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    I have been using the McAfee security package since last August and for the most part with no problems. Recently I had to do a system rebuild that caused me to lose all my network settings. Part of the system rebuild was a new computer runnning an AMD 64 bit processor. I am still running 32 bit Widndows 2000 however on this ethernet connected machine.

    I noticed a while back that the connectivity on my two wireless computers started to disappear for no good reason. Through experimentation I found that by reconfiguring the router using a saved configuration file from last September I could regain wireless connectivity.

    Next I found that by reconfiguring the router so it would work wirelessly, I destroyed the connectivity to my HP 6127 Deskjet printer (connected via RJ45 also). For some reason the printer loses its LAN IP address and picks up and address of with a subnet mask of Then I tried reconfiguring the router again and I got printer connectivity restored only to lose it again on the wireless computer.

    I feel like I have somehow gotten a bad setting entered into the router setup but I can't see what it could be. At one time there was a setup example for the WRT54GS to configure it for use with WSC Guard posted on the old Wireless Security Corp. website but that site has apparently disappeared since being taken over by McAfee.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what could cause such wierd operation or does anyone know of a setup guide for the router using this particular security software and Windows 2000?
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