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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by KhanHex29, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. KhanHex29

    KhanHex29 Network Guru Member

    I want to measure maximum bandwidth/throughput across a network link. Any suggestions for windows XP compatible software tool to measure estimated maximum throughput for a network link? I would like trust worthy measurements.

    I have found a windows compatible version of Linux tool Bing, but cannot find windows compatible version of Pathchar. All other software I have found measures internet connection bandwidth or real-time network utilization, but not estimated maximum throughput / maximum bandwidth between specific ports on a network link.

    I am running windows XP and here is my network setup:

    Internet<-->WRT54G (router)<-->Dlink wireless Bridge<--> High gain directional antenna <--> 14 km distance <--> antenna<--> Dlink wireless bridge <--> WRT54G (router) <--> client's LAN

    I want to measure my link degradation as I experiment with different antennas. Bing allows me to select maximum throughput between any two points on the network.
  2. elzbal

    elzbal Network Guru Member

    Of all the network tools available to test network performance (and there are many), I have not found anything simpler and more reliable than just copying a large file from one computer to another.

    Yes, seriously.

    Take note of the exact file size, and note the time it takes to copy. Do the math, and there's your actual throughput.
  3. KhanHex29

    KhanHex29 Network Guru Member

    As of yet I haven't done extensive testing to determine reliability, but here are the best programs I have found so far:

    Qcheck 3.0 from IXIA
    -measure throughput and response time between computers
    -TCP and UDP trace route
    -you must have program loaded and running on both computers to take measurements

    SpeedTest from Raccoonworks
    -select file to transfer between computers and calulate throughput based on transfer time.

    NetstatLive from AnalogX
    -Provides realtime data on Incoming/outgoing data rate between local and remote host displaying average, current, minimum, maximum

    -linux Bing tool for Win32 i386 version 1.1.3
    -measure throughput between two specified IP addresses
  4. elzbal

    elzbal Network Guru Member

    So now I'm dying to know... what is your throughput through the 14km distance and across the wireless bridge?
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