Media server solution. Please read and see if you could help me out.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by NssOne, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. NssOne

    NssOne LI Guru Member

    I realized after typing most of this out how complicated it may sound, but please try to follow me here:

    OK, so I have a bunch of MP3s on my NAS200 and I have an Android phone. What I would really like is to have some sort of streaming access to them and I would like to have this done on the server-side somehow. I'm assuming I would need to use NAS-CC and some kind of custom firmware setup, but does anybody have any suggestions on how I could possibly pull this off? The Android side isn't so important, I can figure that out on my own.

    Well, even if there are no solutions for this, thanks for taking the time to read this.

    EDIT: OK, I think I have a possible solution. I know I can use VLC on the Android-side, so I'm wondering if I could use NAS-CC and VLC on CentOS on the NAS? Any insight?
  2. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    You can try shoutcast server from Nullsoft.
    I´m using it right now to listen to my music on the NAS200, from the office. It´s very light and works perfectly on the NAS200 (tested with Winamp, WMP and iPhone).
    I even developed my own "streaming playlist" management web app, running on lighttpd, PHP and MySQL. :cool:


    PS: keep in mind that shoutcast server is only able to stream MP3 files AFAIK.
  3. NssOne

    NssOne LI Guru Member

    As awesome it is to know that's possible and I do know it would work for Android, the shoutcast streaming server is not exactly the route I want to go. What I'm really trying to do is have a playlist of all my music and play it off of that. I added in the aspect of possibly using VLC server because Android has a VLC remote player app.

    Going off of what's posted here there's CentOS running on NAS200, so I'm wondering if it's possible to run VLC server from CentOS. I think I may experiment later and install NAS-CC and CentOS. I can't really think of any other possible way to attempt this at the moment.
  4. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    IMHO you should go with shoutcast. Generating a playlist of all your music is very very easy, save it to a text file and stream it.
    This is the aproach I´m using and as I said before I´m even generating this playlists dynamically.
    Running shoutcast server is far way easy and requires almost no change to the NAS200 (if you run jac4 firmrware) and for sure jac4 is a lot more lighter than CentOS. Remember that you are playing with a really lame hardware...

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