Merlin & vortex & koolshare r8000 back to stock

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by foz111, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. foz111

    foz111 New Member Member

    Hi my first post on the forum, must say forum looks great looking forward to spending many hours of reading up.
    I recently purchased 2 x second hand Netgear R8000 routers (from the same guy) one for me to keep and the other for my brother (both to basically run a paid VPN service on), both have previously been flashed with merlin & vortex & koolshare firmware version 380.67_X7.6
    i am happy to leave mine with current firmware on and learn and play with it, in fact i had the openvpn client up and running in 3-5mins, i am familiar with DD-WRT firmware as i have previously used it on R6250, but my brother wants DD-WRT on his R8000 and is desperate to get his VPN on this but insists he wants DD-WRT installing as he knows how to find his way around there firmware, so my question is where can i download a back to stock file to flash for the R8000 that is currently running merlin & vortex & koolshare firmware version 380.67_X7.6? (found the R7000 back to stock)
    Thanks in advance for any help you provide.
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