Minimizing DNS Connections?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Planiwa, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Minimizing DNS Connections -- want just 1 connection for 1 query.

    I ran this little experiment (default Tomato 1.23 settings)

    0. stopped all applications on the LAN. monitored connections in CONNTRACK table.
    1. ran ping -c1
    2. here are the CONNTRACK entries, 5 seconds later:

    ADM 50156 SSH ROUTER-I tcp 14399 E a
    -- src= dst= sport=50156 dport=22 tcp 6 14399 ESTABLISHED
    -- src= dst= sport=22 dport=50156 [ASSURED] use=1 mark=0

    ADM 65071 DNS ROUTER-I udp 25
    -- src= dst= sport=65071 dport=53 udp 17 25
    -- src= dst= sport=53 dport=65071 use=1 mark=0
    ADM 65526 DNS ROUTER-I udp 25
    -- src= dst= sport=65526 dport=53 udp 17 25
    -- src= dst= sport=53 dport=65526 use=1 mark=0

    RTR 11909 DNS NS1 udp 25 1
    -- src= dst= sport=11909 dport=53 udp 17 25
    -- src= dst= sport=53 dport=11909 use=1 mark=1
    RTR 24284 DNS NS1 udp 25 1
    -- src= dst= sport=24284 dport=53 udp 17 25
    -- src= dst= sport=53 dport=24284 use=1 mark=1

    As you can see, a single access (by name) of a host on the Net resulted in 2 DNS requests to the router, which then relayed two more requests to the (ISP) name server.

    That's 5 connections for 1 access.

    (The reason this interests me is that I have been studying connection storms.
    One factor in (p2p) connection storms is that when the client tries to solicit connections, for every low priority (?) connection attempt, there may be 5 high priority connections set up before the far side is contacted, if ever. I had observed, when trying to find which of a dozen users was causing a storm, that each storm appeared to involve a high degree of "router complicity".)

    My question is: Have others observed this exploding of DNS traffic?
    Might there be a way to reduce it from 4 connections to 1? (Since the vast majority of all connections are for random, futile peers that never respond, I really don't want DNS caching.)

    I would like the router to set up a single (NATed) connection between the the LAN host and the ISP NS. Then that connection would be LAN-host rule-able, rather than appearing to be router-top-priority!


    P.S. I found that when I uncheck "Use internal caching DNS forwarder", I can no longer reach LAN hosts by hostname.
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