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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by larfie, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Hi, I actually have a WRK56G which is the toned down version of hte WRT54g... the router and adaptor was working fine until a few days ago when the internet just went down. I tried everything but nothing worked so I just pressed the factory reset button my router. that fixed the problem on my hardwired computer but it seems that i must reinstall the driver for my adaptor to work. Right now, on my other computer (the one attached to the adaptor) it just keeps saying acquiring network address. this happened to me before and i fixed it by reinstalling the driver. But now the CD is lost... I'm not sure if there are driver's available for download. I would really appreciate the help because I need to get back onto my own computer... thanks.
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    What is the FCC-ID on your wireless adapter. You could have gone to the Linksys support website like i did and download the driver. The notebook card is a WPC54G v4.0. Here are the notes for the version number.

    Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Product: WPC54G v4

    Classification: Driver Release History

    Last Driver Version:

    Driver Version
    - Initial release

    Driver Upgrade Instructions:

    1) Unzip the files to a directory (e.g. C:\Linksys).

    2) Open Control Panel by clicking Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.

    3) Click on System.

    4) Click on the Hardware Tab (Device Manager Tab in Windows 98SE and Windows Millenium)

    5) Click on Network Adapters and double click on Wireless-G Notebook Adapter

    6) Click on the Drivers tab

    7) Click on Update Driver

    8) Select "Choose the device from a list of compatible hardware.

    9) Select "Specify a Location"

    10) Point the directory to where you've unzipped the drivers (e.g. C:\Linksys)

    11) Select Wireless-G Notebook Adapter

    12) Click OK

    13) Check the Drivers tab under the device information and verify that the driver version has now changed to
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