Missing NTP settings

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by sskennel, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. sskennel

    sskennel Guest

    WRT54GS - Firmware Version: v3.17.4 - HyperWRT 2.0b2

    On the Setup - Basic Setup page in the right sidebar, it says:

    Nowhere on this admin page or any other can I find a place to set the NTP server. My firewall logs show the WRT54GS trying three differnet NTP servers:,, and I could open a hole for it, but I'd much rather have it use the NTP server on my network.

    Am I missing anything obvious?


    -- Roger
  2. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky Guest

    try to set the nvram variable ntp_server to your own ntp server.
  3. OPaul

    OPaul Network Guru Member

    What NTP does the firmware use? And is it possible to have my computers that are connected to the router use the router as their NTP?
  4. packetmaster

    packetmaster Guest

    NTP enable Firmware Version: v3.37.6 - HyperWRT 2.1b1

    I had ntp enabled on port 123 udp to port 123 for any host on my cisco router. The linksys is receiving udp port 123 source to gt 1023 destination(linksys). I enabled that in my cisco(dsl router) and I got ntp to sync up. I still would like to have it take ntp from my cisco box wich is where my WAN port is connected. but I'll wait for now.

    denied udp ->, 2 packets
    denied udp ->, 2 packets
    denied udp ->, 2 packets

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