mmc/sd mod for wrt54gs 1.0

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jfk69, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. jfk69

    jfk69 Guest

    anyone have mmc/sd mod for wrt54gs v. 1.0?
    I found information for my v. 4.0 and v. 2.0.
    Are anyone able to help me?

  2. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson Guest

    Just bought 3 refurb WRT54GS 1.0's to turn into cheap Asterisk servers and was looking for the SD/MMC mod as well.

    But, if you review the Hardware spec. tables, and actually look at the base of your 54GS V.1 you'll see that it is a 54G V2. The label with the CGN0 or CGN1 serial number relates to the GS version but the other label to the side shows the WRT54GV2 - from this and other forum and internet concensus, they are both based on the same hardware. The S in a 54GS is just a Wireless "SpeedBooster" enhancement.

    So just do a seach in the Google Search box in this forum for "MMC wrt54gs" and the first result will give this page in the OpenWRT Wiki ...but the links to the pics are broken! Pay attention to the possible swap over of D0 and CLK. You'll need to do some more searching for more info on that by the Wiki page does mention it. Also, there the GPIO exercising script and with the use of a Digital Multimeter, you can locate the appropriate pins. Then of course you will have picked up on the need to ensure you have an appropriate mmc.o and source file (with the #defines matching your wiring) if you are going to compile your own mmc.o driver. All I can say, is Google is your guide for this journey ... so good it is, even this forum uses it for forum searches!

    Just about to follow Wiki myself.

    EDIT: Not started yet, just been gathering more info. Found this mirror of the the original website ( published by one of the original researchers of the mod. ( This one has the missing pictures for the 54Gv2.0 board. Another site that isn't doing a proper mirror is ( pics on this one, seems to just jump straight to the software section).
    To crack open the case, this site shows you what to do (, but read this first in case you have screws in yours ( ...must admit, the rwhitby site is nicely put together but the DB9 Serial connector position is a bit naff. I would have used an RJ45 connector and a Cat5 to DB9 cable or a Mini PS/2 type connector and located at the back of the case!

    EDIT2: So, another piece of info regarding the GPIO pins on RP3 (pins 7,5 and 2 of the SD Mem. Card DO, CLK and DI respectively) are not quite as the pic shows for "solder points 1" - refer to the post from user "ymcp" (, but he is talking about a 54G v2 with a CDF5 type serial no.

    EDIT3: Well, just had some success. I'm using White Russian 0.9, X-WRT WebIf2 (for easy module loading etc.), I have the swapped DO/CLK GS board as mentioned above - checked this with gpio test tool. I then loaded up kmod-vfat, kmod-msdos, insmod fat, insmod vfat, insmod msdos, copied a working mmc.o from framer99 ( - the mmcgsv1XAboard_working.o file he posted on page 2), inserted the SD Card and insmod mmc, checked dmsg to see if it worked.

    After a few attempts with various mmc.o files I got this nice output from dmesg...
    mmc Hardware init
    mmc Card init
    mmc Card init
    mmc: error in mmc_card_init (1)
    mmc: error in mmc_init (-1)
    mmc Hardware init
    mmc Card init
    mmc Card init *1*
    mmc Card init *2*
    Size = 1006080, hardsectsize = 512, sectors = 2012160
    Partition check:
    mmca: p1
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