Modding a WRT54G v2.2 (more RAM)

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by iamqwerty, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. iamqwerty

    iamqwerty Network Guru Member

  2. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    I believe you can find the answer on how to do this somewhere in the documents. Check it out here:

    PS: This came up a couple of weeks ago and it was stated that not all v2.2's have 32mb ram. You'll have to look at the motherboard of the router and see if there are 2 ram chips to be sure. This is as much as I know about this. I hope it helps, good luck!
  3. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    WRT54G v2 with ISSI IS42S16800A-7T

    First a warning: if you do this on the wrong router you will permanently brick it!

    Check if you have a wrt54gv2 unit with a IS42S16800A-7T memory chip. Unscrew and check!

    This IS42S16800A-7T memory chip means 32 Mbyte RAM, to enable it, you have to change the nvram variable sdram_init from 0x0000 to 0x0008.

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