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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by duckdown, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. duckdown

    duckdown Network Guru Member

    Hi folks.. I made another thread on this forum detailing my woes after I flashed to Tomato from Thibor (Tomato absolutely KILLED my wireless signal from the router; I went to having 60+ signal on Thibor to _3_ signal after the Tomato flash).

    People here said it sounded like a "dead radio" and not knowing what that meant, I figure it was time to buy a new router.

    So I went out and bought another BRAND NEW LinkSys WRT54GL in the store yesterday, and first thing I did when I got it home was hook it up to my laptop and flash it to Tomato from stock. It went off without a hitch, but still having a perplexing problem..

    When I am RIGHT BESIDE the router with my laptop in hand, I am still only getting 55-57 quality TOPS under the device list in Tomato. This is when I am standing literally like 1 foot away from it... And obviously the further I walk away from it, the worse it gets.. I mean, this is certainly MUCH better than the "3" quality I was getting before, but a brand new router 2 feet away only getting 55 quality signal? What the hell is up with this? I have tried using it MULTIPLE locations in my house, and on multiple channels. Boosting the mW output from 42 to 65 only yields an incredibly small gain in wireless quality according to the graphs in "Device List."

    Why is this firmware reporting such horrible signal strengths? I don't understand how a brand new router is only giving such crappy signal.. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on this?

    Also, my second question, since I now have _2_ Tomato routers, I wanted to know if this was possible:

    The main, new router is right beside my Cablemodem 3 floors up, and provides wireless signal to the entire house through it, by means of WPA2. Since I now have a SECOND router, flashed with Tomato as well, isn't it possible for me to hook this thing up in my basement 3 floors down and connect to the other router? Isn't that what "Bridging" is? But when I tried to fool with the "Bridging" properties and see if I could make it work, it kept ONLY accepting WEP encryption, saying WPA/WPA2 is not supported. What the hell is the point of that? You need to downgrade your entire houses security to link 2 routers together? Or is this the entirely wrong concept/idea behind bridging? Is what I want to do called something else?

    Sorry for the overly long and boring post but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.. I am getting quite fed up with these Linksys issues and am wishing I bought a Buffalo router now, at least those things can output signal properly, even if it is just 1 antenna. My buddies Buffalo down the street has massive signal strength all over his house, yet _2_ Linksys' I own now are considerably weaker, and it's pretty frustrating.

    Thanks for listening
  2. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    What kind of range do you get with the GL ? In open space the GL radio should work 200' away with no problem. Indoors it is usually a lot less. I am attaching a jpg of a radio in operation. The noise level seems to reduce the signal quality. If you keep your received signals at least 20 Db stronger than anything else, you should be fine. WDS bridging works great with WEP, I've never tried any other encryption. The how-to at PolarCloud has some good details on WDS. Buffalo radios have the second antenna integrated into the PC board. "B" is for external antenna. Signals that are -50 Db or stronger (stronger = less negative like -40) are very strong. A laptop 40 feet away through one wall should be around -78 or -80 in the Tomato survey.

    Edit - I would leave the MilliWatts set for 75. That will give you plenty of power.

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  3. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    Boy I'm a real Shirlock today. The "Quality" field is calculating your signal to noise difference for you. In a way it is the ultimate type of quality measurement, but is using real world values of the Db scale, displaying the difference of the RSSI (Received signal strength indicated) and the Noise level. Quality of 20 is a 20 Db difference, which is very good.
  4. orangekay

    orangekay LI Guru Member

    Your first step should have been checking the signal strength before you flashed it with Tomato. Is there any evidence to suggest that this is actually Tomato's fault and not just a crappy/loose antenna in your computer?
  5. larsrya8

    larsrya8 LI Guru Member

    Also, what does the laptop have to say about the signal it is receiving from the router? A low signal reported by Tomato's Device List is only telling you how strong the transmitter in your laptop is...\

    P.S. You didn't need to start a new thread.
  6. paped

    paped LI Guru Member

    I have to agree with larsrya8 - I used to use a Netgear card in my laptop and have now replaced it with a Dlink both cards on the laptop register signals at 85% plus... but for neither card has the wrt54gl ever registered above 60% and normally it is lower then this. Before I used Tomato I used DD-WRT and this also had very similar signal levels with the netgear card.
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