Most Odd Strangeness (BEFW11S4)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by DrM3M0RY, Jul 19, 2005.

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    I set up a wireless network consisting of a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless-B router and a PC using the WUSB11 wireless-B USB adapter. The previous year, this setup worked fine. Then, for about six months, we put it away when we moved the computer and, recently, the time came to set it back up. However, when we hooked everything up, something changed. The PC is in the same place it was before and the router settings were unchanged, but the connection holds for only 4 minutes before failing, and then about 10 minutes before it starts back up again. Oddly enough, if the connection fails, then simply by double clicking on the network status icon in the lower right hand corner of the Windows XP GUI, clicking advanced options, and then just selecting 'OK' -- without changing any settings -- re-establishes the connection. This gets me to believe it could be a conflict between the PC and the adapter or something, but I still would have no idea how to fix it. Anyone know the problem and a solution?
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    I had a similar problem. After about 8 months of service, mine would shut down once a large amount of data would need to be transmitted either from the Internet or between computers on the wireless network. It would only happen when wireless clients would initiate the transfer. Once the WAP locked up, I had to reset it. Full reset/reconfigure had no effect. I also attempted firmware upgrades.

    Wired clients did not initiate the probelm if talking to another wired client. Turned out the WAP had gone faulty.

    You might try writing down your settings and doing a full reset (hold reset button on WAP longer than 5 seconds). Reenter your settings and see if it stabilized.

    It had and extended warranty, so, I just went back to the place of purchase and they replaced it. Everything has been fine ever since. After getting the new one, I realized the old one probably had perfromance problems all along. The newer BEFW11S4 (a version 2) always seem a little faster and have stronger signal.


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