most stable vpn, roadkill or SgtPepperKSU

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by besonen, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. besonen

    besonen LI Guru Member

    i've been using roadkill's mod for some time without problems and am hesitant to change to a different tomato mod (thank you roadkill!).

    the most important part of roadkill's mod for me is the vpn functionality. and the version i standardized on was the 'TomatoMod 1.19.1464 - Binary (openvpn add-on only)' version.

    i would really like to upgrade to a mod that has SgtPepperKSU's vpn gui.

    the obvious choices (with stability as the most important requirement) in my mind are either:

    - roadkill's 'TomatoMod 1.21 *TEST VERSION 5*' mod
    - SgtPepperKSU's VPN build with Web GUI Build 1.25vpn3.3 mod

    while i've had good luck with roadkill's mod, his most current version with the vpn gui appears to be at least slightly languishing in the development department. i've been patiently awaiting roadkill's move to tomato 1.23 (for the Dnsmasq update) and i'm am beginning to lose hope of ever seeing that happen.

    so, to the folks who are familiar with both of the above mods, if you wanted the most stable vpn w/gui which would you choose? and if you'd choose an entirely different mod please let me know (so i can investigate that mod).

    thanks for any and all suggestions,
  2. SgtPepperKSU

    SgtPepperKSU Network Guru Member

    Roadkill no longer uses Tomato and has indicated that he won't develop any further on his build. So, if you're waiting for an updated post-1.23-based roadkill build, you'll be waiting for a long time :wink: Plus, roadkill's last few builds got it's VPN GUI from TomatoVPN, and there have been quite a few improvements (including stability improvements) since then.

    I'm pretty sure all of the current mods that include OpenVPN support pull it in from TomatoVPN, so it's just a matter of what features you want. If you just want Tomato + VPN w/ GUI, TomatoVPN is probably the best bet. If you want additional features (IP/MAC bandwith limiter, SNMP, SD, USB, etc), there are other mods that have those plus the same VPN support.

    I think TomatoVPN has stabilized to be as solid as Tomato itself (I make very few non-VPN related changes, so if Tomato has a problem, it probably carries over into TomatoVPN). Some people have reported problems with 1.25 (all I've noticed is that if you enable the new "Limit Connection Attempts" restriction, you can't SSH to the router for a long time after a reboot), so you may consider using a 1.23 based build. However, many more (including me) have not had troubles, so that's your call.
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