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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by itxweather, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. itxweather

    itxweather Network Guru Member


    Could anyone advise what can be considered as "optimal" settings for e-mail detection on a WVC54G?. I've used the following configuration however movement does not seem to be detected with objects moving across the window of the camera from the left (seems to work alright with images moving across the window from the right).

    E-mail Video:- Enabled.
    E-mail Video Length:- 5 seconds
    Delay between E-mails:- 2 minutes
    Motion Detection Sensitivity:- High

    All 9-areas are selected for motion detection.

    Another thing i've noticed is that the configuration on my WVC54G does not always seem to trigger a "motion detected" e-mail upon motion being detected, there seems to be a delay occasionally which results in the video being sent by e-mail containing what seems like a static picture only, without having captured the image that's triggered the "motion detected" e-mail.

    The video playback seems to be extremely erratic also, some captured images are literally only a matter of Kb in size others are approximately 1Mb.

    The firmware that's running is:- V5.10, Feb 21, 2005.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. kmeirlaen

    kmeirlaen Network Guru Member

    Have you considered software to do the motion detection. it is much more accurate...
    The software I wrote does not yet support e-mails, but this could added if requested.

    Kristof Meirlaen
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