Mounted Samba shares under Win2k(fr) - strange issues

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by quichedood, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. quichedood

    quichedood Network Guru Member


    I got one issue left with the last wrt-dd firmware.

    There's one fedora core 4 server with samba and one computer with Windows 2000 (in french).

    Samba shares work perfectly when i was using the sveasoft firmware (i don't change any configuration file since).

    So with the new firmware i get always access to my wamba shares throught "Favorites" in Win2k but there 2 troubles.
    First when i create a directory in a samba share it takes approximatively 5 seconds to create.
    Second i mount my shares and when creating a new file (or dir) using a application (Dreamweaver for example) i got a connexion error (in english i should be something like that :
    Error on reconnexion of K: to \\<my_samba_server>\<my_share>
    Windows Microsoft Network : local device name already used.
    This connexion hasn't be restored)
    BUT : the file or dir is created !

    I don't know if it comes from a misconfiguration of the firmware or if this is a bug ...

    If someone can help.
    (Thx in advance, hope you understand my poor english :p)
  2. quichedood

    quichedood Network Guru Member

    No solution ?
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