Multi-Wireless in a building with a linux router/gateway

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jeuazarru, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. jeuazarru

    jeuazarru Network Guru Member

    For Months I was using a network in a wire/wireless combination, but I can't make it work as I want. (sorry, my english sucks).
    Now works everything but one thing I need. I need help to achieve this.
    The network architecture is:
    One Linux server acting as gateway, router, DHCP server and firewall.
    4 Linksys routers (BEFW11S4) acting as wire/wireless access points (the building is big). They are connected via the LAN ports, not the WAN. This is the central office, and where my problem lies.
    14 regional offices in the country with wire/wireless setups but different adress ranges and DHCP, all by routers linksys acting as routers/gateways connected to the internet directly.


    My problem is in the central office where I need the wireless routers to transmit (?) the linux DHCP config to the 15 laptops in the sistems, so i can avoid the use of fixed IPs in them. (NOW i am used fixed IPs, but that is a problem when the machine travels to other offices with different adress ranges or when visits come to the main office... It is a problem because common people doesn't know how to change their IPs, gateways and the like, and I'm not all the time here to help them).
    Also I need to maintain only one network sharing all the resources between the machines.

    The routers have the latest firmware and do not have an option "act as birdge" or such.

    Anybody has an idea of what can I do?

    I be very grateful
  2. jeuazarru

    jeuazarru Network Guru Member

    I get it working!
    In the Child wireless router,
    First I put in Basic Config: get IP automatic (WAN port was not used)
    Yhen I messed with the advanced routing an changed these:
    - put NAT OFF
    - Dynamic Routing OFF
    - Static Routing:
    + IP C.C.C.0 (being C my network class C number)
    + Mask:
    + Gateway: My gateway linux
    + Link: Local

    The only entry in the table was this.

    and WORKED!!! YEAH!!
  3. jeuazarru

    jeuazarru Network Guru Member

    Final (I expect) update.

    It seems the "solution" for my problem was not the STATIC ROUTING (which caused other kind of troubles later) but DISABLING NAT.

    It seems having NAT on causes no problem for my wire clients accesing DHCP but prevented the wireless ones to get their IPs dynamically.

    I deleted the Static Routing, Left NAT and Dynamic Routing Disabled, connected everything in the LAN port of the router and could get the DHCP working from the Linux to all the machines behind the Linksys Router, wire or wireless!
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