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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Sawyer, Dec 30, 2010.

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    I'm wondering why you can only select up to 54Mbit tomato multicast rate on a N router? Any reason for that. Shouldn't it go to over 100Mbit?

    I know this has something to do how slow of devices can connect to your network.
    I first thought this setting is here to prevent Wireless multicast IPTV traffic of flooding your wireless connection. I limited multicast rate to 1Mbit but when IPTV was running on my network I couldn't connect any devices for the love of it to that Wireless spot anymore. When Increasing the multicast rate to 54Mbit all devices can connect again even with IPTV running.

    But I had some other problem with WD TV live streaming over Wifi. Some movie would just cut out and revert back to start after about 3-4 mins. When I increased the multicast rate up to 54Mbit it started to work ok again.
    But I also read there are also drawback of such a setting. So should I set multicast rate to just something above my combined IPTV traffic?

    I use to stream 3x IPTV on that router at max. 600kB/s + 400kB/s + 400kB/s.
    So optimally I would reduce the Multicast rate back to 10Mbit? My devices would still connect and WDTV live could stream good?

    Asking only because I'm surprised that WD TV is actually effected by a multicast settings. It shouldn't be since this isn't multicast traffic. More like a file transfer.
    And why cant nothing connect to my router when multicast rate is auto. IPTV running at about 400kB/s but wifi speed graph shows 1Mbit. So here I would exceed this speed and the limit would kick in and slop flooding. But what helps me this If I cant even connect at this point.
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