Multicast stream freezes router Tomato v1.28.0496 MIPSR2-Toastman-VLAN-RT-N K26 USB VPN

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Silencept, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Silencept

    Silencept Serious Server Member


    I've set up my E4200 with toastmans build and i'm using it for IPTV but i encountered and issue when using multiple multicast sources and i dont seem to get over the problem.

    When i add the 4th muticast source simultaneously the router simply stops responding , everything on the LAN/WAN stops, devices on the lan cannot communicate with each other until i close one of the sources and then everything returns to normal , no reboot required , no message in the log , nothing.

    Each source has between 2.8 MB and 8 MB, and it doenst seem to be a resources issue because when im using 3 multicast sources the CPU Usage is 24.01% and the memory is 76% free..
    My ISP uses 2 vlan's and im actually running the IPTV in a separate VLAN with igmpproxy acting only on that vlan, internet traffic goes through a different vlan.
    Is there some limitation for the number of multicast sources? If 4 was the limit it would'nt be an issue because my ISP only grants 4 simultaneously!

    Note: i've tried with EMF enabled and disabled and it makes no difference.

    Best Regards.
  2. Silencept

    Silencept Serious Server Member

    Well , i've tested the same implemetation on dd-wrt and it works fine so it must be a tomato issue.
    Anyone know the cause?
  3. Silencept

    Silencept Serious Server Member

    Spoke too soon.
    I guess the router is being flooded with multicast traffic. Well i need the multicast to go just to one device and i cant segment the network because i access that device via LAN anyway .
    Can i configure dd-wrt in a way that alows only two devices to recieve packets from vlan12 and only one of them to recieve multicast without losing LAN connectivity on those devices ?
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