Multiple connections from same IP? WRT54Gv5

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 7, 2006.

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    I just hooked up my WRT54Gv5 yesterday. it seems to work great. I set up my "server" machine in the DMZ and am able to connect to it from outside the network, however i'm having some trouble...

    I CANNOT seem to connect to it twice from any one machine. Once i'm connected via Remote Desktop, I cannot connect via FTP. I actually have to restart the machine in order to reconnect using a different program. It's absolutely obnoxious! anyone know a trick for that? This happens on at least 2 machines tried.

    TIA for your help.

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    Linksys tech support is absolutley no help. Part of the e-mail I sent them...

    I "upgraded" from a Linksys BEFSR11 router that was working perfectly yesterday and again today to make sure I wasn't just crazy. Once I hooked up the new WRT54Gv5 and flashed the firmware to 1.00.6, I was only able to make one connection to it at a time per machine. I put my server in the DMZ. The server runs FTP server and also Remote Desktop server through Windows Server 2003. From my office, I am able to connect to Remote Desktop, but then I am unable to also connect to FTP. In order to connect to FTP, I must restart the computer, log back in, and connect to FTP. That part works fine. I can transfer files and everything, but once I am connected to FTP, I am no longer able to make a connection to Remote Desktop. I can make single connections to my server in the DMZ on multiple computers simultaneously, but not from one computer.

    I have no other port forwarding enabled. The server has a Static IP address that I put into the DMZ. I turned off uPnP.

    that's all the extra info i've got. any ideas?
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