multiple linksys products all in one network

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Can anyone lead me toward the most efficient, least conflit way to setup the home network w/cameras?

  1. Should I connect to the ethernet port ?

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  2. Should I connect to the intenet port?

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  1. tangoforever

    tangoforever Network Newbie Member

    I have the following:

    2 linksys wet610n
    1 Linksys wrt300n
    1 Linksys ea6350
    1 Linksys wrt54g2
    1 Lynksys E4200
    5 Linksys camera wvc80n
    one usb hard disk
    One Hp 1120n

    Ideally I would like to create a network at home that would allow me to get the same wired or wireless access anywhere within my home.

    I think I should use the 1 Linksys ea6350 as a router, disable dhcp on the wrt300n,wrt54g2 and E4200.
    What I do not know is, considering that I just want to have good internet access and setup the cameras on the network what is the most efficient way to do so.
  2. Still_Awake

    Still_Awake Networkin' Nut Member

    That is a lot of 12V power packs... maybe you could combine them on one big one with 10x DC power plugs :)

    I think you could have fun counting all the software vulnerabilities on that net!

    Maybe get a proper router (runs on an old PC) like pfSense to keep it safe! You can create multiple ethernet/wireless networks. Then define a specific subnet for untrusted devices like VoIP adapters, TVs and cameras and your internal and/or DMZ subnets. You use the modem as the WAN link (set it to bridged mode) and then configure PPPoE in pfSense to manage the Internet connection and keep your networks secure.
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