Multiple problems using WAP54G as repeater for WRT54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Deleted member 11230, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I have a WRT54G (v8), running upstairs that's been working fine, but signal strength downstairs is abysmal anywhere not directly below the WRT54G. Yesterday I bought a WAP54G (v3). It worked fine for about 16 hours, but all day today I've been getting one problem after another. I've encountered the following:

    1) computers connect to the WAP, are assigned IP addresses, but can not access the internet (or the WRT), even though computers connected to the WRT can access the internet (I assume in this case the WAP is becoming disconnected from the WRT, as I can't reach the WRT through anything connected via the WAP)

    2) When I have both broadcasting the same SSID, sometimes computers will only see and connect to the much weaker WRT signal, even though I can open up Netstumbler and see the WAP broadcasting at very strong strength.

    3) When I have the WRT broadcasting SSID "linksys-WRT54G" and the WAP broadcasting "linksys-WRT54G2" computers can see both, but when they try to connect to the WAP's SSID they end up connected to the much weaker WRT

    4) When I have the WRT broadcasting as "linksys-WRT54G" and the WAP as "linksys-WAP54G," computers can see both, but can not associate with the WAP.

    These problems keep coming and going. Right now everything is working perfectly, I have an SSID setup as described in 4) above, and I have 2 computers connected to the WAP. Whenever a problem occurs it happens to both computers I want to connect to the WAP at the same time, so I can rule out it being an individual computer problem. Both computers are running Windows XP Pro SP3.

    The WAP, when doing a site survey from where it is positioned, gets between a 47 and 52% signal from the WRT upstairs. I do not have any security enabled on either. Both are set to broadcast in G only mode (all my computers are 802.11G ready) on channel 1. There are no other wireless networks broadcasting on channel 1 (though there are several on channels 6 and 11). The WAP is set in Repeater mode in the AP mode tab, and the MAC address is the WRT's wireless MAC address as confirmed by the WAP's site survey, a netstumbler scan, and the wireless access point selection interface in Kubuntu.

    I have DHCP enabled on the WRT. The WRT's address is, and DHCP is allowed to assign addresses from .2-.250. I have the WAP statically assigned to .30 in its own configuration page, subnet mask of, and default gateway of (the WRT's IP). I've checked everything connected to the network and I'm fairly sure there are no IP address conflicts.

    So... any idea what the problem is?
  2. Still having these problems. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Still having this problem, could really use some help. For the record, the WAP is set to a higher priority than the WRT, so there's no reason either computer should be connecting to the WRT instead of the WAP when both are broadcasting.
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