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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RobbieW, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. RobbieW

    RobbieW Reformed Router Member

    Hardware: ASUS RT-N16
    Firmware: shibby 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-110 K26 USB VPN

    My use of Tomato may be out of the ordinary but I hope that wont put anyone off...

    I live on a boat and move around a lot, using WiFi if I can find a signal or a mobile dongle. It is also useful to be able to share some of the boat's operational data via a wireless connection. The criteria when looking for a router/firmware combination was that it should have an ethernet WAN port, a USB port that would run a dongle and the router/firmware be capable of running a VPN client. The idea to start connecting the boat data through came afterwards. The router, therefore, is a sort of hub that other services connect to and through.

    My dongle is a Huawei E367 that is recognised, starts up and connects just fine provided that all happens from boot. The dongle doesnt need modeswitching as its had the CDROM & pen drive disabled on connect so it reports as a 12d1:1506 straight off. I then load the ftdi_sio driver and connect a serial/USB converter which attachs to USB4, 0-3 being used by the dongle. I run a utility called kplex, which I've crosscompiled for the router, that broadcasts the data coming from the FTDI serial connection into my wireless sub-net on a specific port.

    At some point after all this has been running a couple of hours something happens that upsets it all. It seems that either the dongle needs to change the mobile signal mode from 3G/3G+ to 2G or vice versa or one of the kplex processes hangs up in a DW state but I dont know which comes first. I cant at the moment force something to make this repeatable. The dongle then wont reconnect as it seems to try to use the ftdi driver to reattach on one of the USB ports and a reboot is required (and to kill the DW process if there is one, there isnt always).

    So at the moment my question is whether I should expect Tomato firmware to be robust enough to handle multiple differing serial devices and, if so, how to go about getting a handle on whats happening here. I understand that what I'm doing is really not in the design spec :)

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