multiple WAP54G in repeater mode

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by luckyluch, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. luckyluch

    luckyluch Network Guru Member


    Has anyone had any success cascading multiple wap54g in repeater mode? I am trying to set up the following:

    WRT54G to WAP54G (repeater mode) to WAP54G (repeater mode) to WAP54G (Access Client)

    I managed to get this working with just a single WAP54G in repeater mode, however I think another WAP54G in repeater mode would help.

    I spent some time with linksys on the phone, however they claim that what I am doing is unsupported.


  2. Goknicks

    Goknicks Network Guru Member

    Dd-wrt should solve your problem

    I connected my 2 routers wirelessly (wrt54gs v2.1 - host and wrt54g v4 as birdge/repeater). You have to use dd-wrt v23. I use dd-wrt v23 beta 2 mini for the wrt54g v4 and dd-wrt v23 Beta 2 standard for my wrt54gs v3. It works great.

    In the beginning I use WEP it works great, but now I use WPA2. You should use WPA for better wireless security.

    I never tried using mutiple routers as repearter, however, please read the guide below. After you read this, I think by adding the Routers (as repeater) MAC addresses in WDS in each routers it should work. Try connecting 2 routers 1st - host to repeater, after you add 1 repeater at the time.

    To configure the routers you can follow the setup configuration at:

    Read dd-wrt installation guide (the wiki) at

    To download

    Note: if you have WRT54G v.5 you should read dd-wrt installation guide carefully, I don't know if DD-wrt can be installed with v5.

    Good luck
  3. ivo_1985

    ivo_1985 LI Guru Member

    No. Make one WAP54G as AP, the rest APs as repeaters. Or make some WAP54gs as bridge. You can connect 4 WAP54G as AP in this state.
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