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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rogue822, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. rogue822

    rogue822 Network Guru Member

    Trying to install two WRT54g routers on the same LAN:

    DSL >> WRT54g(#1) >> hardwired to >> WRT54g(#2)
    (distance is out of range of each router)

    #1 is set for gateway as .1, #2 is set for router as .11

    can log on to #1 or #2 wirelessly, browse internet without problems... outbound works fine.

    problem is that I can not get to the router setup for #2 (wired or not) after setting it up initially for the network

    tried to forward port x to .11 with no success

    plus, seem to be having a WPA problem on #2

    SSIDs are set differently with separate WPA passwords config'ed in XP wireless networks (#1 works fine)

    using stock firmware

    searching here didn't reveal anything for this situation in the first 10 pages out of 40+

    can use as is- but really would like to be able to access the config.

    I'm thinking that if I attach another computer through #2 hardwired ports that I will not be able to reach it through the LAN...

    thanks in advance!
  2. atinexus

    atinexus Network Guru Member

    what are the ip addresses setup as on each router?
  3. rogue822

    rogue822 Network Guru Member

    I'm using 192.168.1.x for both routers... should I be moving the second router to another bank of private IPs, and putting the advanced routing in the second router as

    Thanks again.
  4. s1deout

    s1deout Network Guru Member

    How are they hardwired?? Are you staying on the LAN side and not going WRT54G #1 LAN port x to WRT54G #2 WAN port??

    Put it back in the gateway mode and just use the LAN ports. The wireless is on the LAN side anyways.

    Make it run in AP mode and get DHCP from the first WRT54G. You can try that.

    What is the overall goal of having two WRT54G's?? If you want two seperate networks then do this:

    1. Put WRT54G #2 is gateway mode.
    2. Assing static IP from WRT54G #1 IP range to the WAN port of WRT54G #2.
    3. Assign different IP range (172.16.x.x 255.255.x.x) to the LAN side of wrt54g #2.
    4. Now you have two seperate networks functioning fine. Both can get to the internet

    You can apply QoS on WRT54G #1 to limit the traffic coming from WRT54G #2 as it will have a static IP. Ths would be good for like your kids network or your girlfriend/wife who like p2p or other bandwidth hogging apps.

    Hope that helps.
  5. rogue822

    rogue822 Network Guru Member

    I have CAT5 connected between two houses (mine & parents) - purpose of second router is so that I can use the laptop at either house. (i.e. first router died & was repaired under warantee; bought second router so I could keep website up during the interim)

    I would prefer that everything stay on the same numerical IP network-wise, but if not possible...

    Right now, I can do everything except access the second router's config. I use Remote Desktop to check on parent's problems from house, network between all of the computers for files, etc...

    I am just wondering if this is unique problem I'm experiencing, or whether the router/gateway configuration is not properly setup for security reasons.

    Thanks- I sincerely do appreciate the help.
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