Multiple WRT54GX Issue(s)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by b4ne, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. b4ne

    b4ne Network Guru Member

    Couldn't find anything relevant on search so here goes:

    Network consits of a WRT54G doing duties as the main router connected to a DSL modem. 3 x WRT54GX v2s all connect to the main router via hardwired connection. Main router has wireless disabled, all 3 SRXs have different SSIDs and WEP disabled for testing purposes. Main router acts as a DHCP server, all 3 SRXs have sequential static IPs below the DHCP range and have DHCP server disabled. All firmwares are Linksys latest released versions The SRXs are basically just being used as APs with nothing on the WAN port, and only one of them has more than one LAN connection to switch local equipment. Also the network traffic is pretty light - 2 laptops sparsely used, my laptop for testing, some specialized equipment that doesn't cause much traffic.

    Basically one of the SRXs will lockup in less than a few hours taking out anything connected to it. Can't ping the main router even when hardwired to it, can't ping the bad SRX, DHCP stops working, other parts of the network still respond though. It also takes out anything hardwired to the SRX - reboots or BSODs. Disconnecting the bad SRX or rebooting it will allow the router to respond normally again. The SRX stays FUBAR until rebooted, but the wireless signal will remain unchanged. All 3 SRXs on the network have done this at one point or another.

    I've got another place that has the exact same issue with a different router and SRX v1s, and I know somebody else that also has the issue but is using one of the SRXs as the main router (rather than a dedicated router).

    I've disconnected all but one SRX from the network and swapped in WAP54Gs and it's been up since last Friday so I think whatever the issue is it only happens when there's more than one SRX on the network. I have a case with Linksys, some beta firmware to try, and another manufacturer that's going to try and duplicate the setup but so far no real clues.

    There also seems to be an issue with certain types of traffic using WEP - DHCP is unreliable, TCP/IP heartbeat messages seem to drop or get delayed.

    Hope somebody might have some ideas

    :thumb: Cool forums BTW

  2. borglum

    borglum Network Guru Member

    Only my opinion, but...

    I hear you on the frustration of using the WRTG54GX with anything OTHER than itself. I gave up here trying to get it to "play" with anything other than SRX type hardware. I am still fighting, and finally went a step backwards to see if I really gained anything by spending the extra $$$ on the latest and greatest. I don't think so at this point.
    Only my 2 cents and not much tech. help to you, but I had to vent.
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