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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OCTO13ER, Sep 6, 2005.

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    I'm having trouble downloading music from MSN. I've gone through all of their troubleshooting steps and have been told my router is interfering with the download somehow. I was told to configure my router to allow MSN downloads. How the heck do I do that? I've downloaded updates to my AVG and AdAware with no problems. I figure a download is a download? I haven't got a clue. Help.

    By the way: WRT54GS, don't know what version. I'll check later.

    Also, what's all the rumpous about firmware? What is firmware and how can it help me?


  2. OCTO13ER

    OCTO13ER Network Guru Member

    Is DD-WRT right for me?

    Okay, I've made some troubleshooting progress. I hardwired my pc to my cable modem with a 20' CAT5 and got some static from my better half. Cables aren't allowed to run across the top of carpet at my house, which is why I spent the better part of 10 hours crawling around my basement one saturday to run speaker wire for the entertainment system. But all that aside, this is what I found out: the techs at MSNMusic don't know squat. The download still did not go through even when plugged straight into my modem, no wireless or router involved. Granted the techs know more than I do, but should be embarrassed to call themselves "support" unless they can be purchased from Victoria's secret. I'll get back to them.

    After much research of which I don't enjoy because I like instant gratification like any self respecting male, I've found that my WRT54GS is v1.0, yippee. I've decided to go with the DD-WRT firmware due to the nature of the rave reviews I've read here, but am still not sure if it will cure what ails me. I keep losing my internet signal and range anywhere from "excellent" connection to "poor" or not at all. My router does not move and neither does my computer so it's not like I went in the backyard and "damn, lost my signal" which would make perfect sense. I've got the WMP54G PCI adapter (here I go using more of those letters that up until yesterday I had no idea what they mean, I'll be spewing secret wireless slang with the pro's in no time) and am not sure if the signal drops are due to the router or receiver. Will new firmware improve this? I don't know, but will continue more of the painful research on this and other sites until I find out. :drool:
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