Mustdie firmware on WAP54G V3

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by wolly_a, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. wolly_a

    wolly_a Network Guru Member

    Can i install Mustdie firmware on a Linksys WAP54G V3? I've installed it a few times on a V2 WAP, but about the V3 i'm not sure.
  2. wapstudio

    wapstudio Guest

    WAP54G with Must Die firmware

    Just flashed my new WAP54G v3 with Must Die. Think I now understand the name of the firmware. It appears to have TKO'ed the unit. Tried resetting it many times with no luck. Only the the Power and Link LEDs illuminate while the Act/wireless diode appears lifeless. Can't detect the device on my LAN via the router either. I am new to the area of wireless access points. So if there's someone with any ideas please reply.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I doubt it would work Mustdie was created BEFORE v3's were invented.
  4. wolly_a

    wolly_a Network Guru Member

    But.... is there a firmware with antenna selection en output power control for the V3??
  5. costinpastia

    costinpastia Guest

    Re: WAP54G with Must Die firmware

    How do solved this problem ?
  6. corollagti

    corollagti Guest

    Would love to see a reply cuz I've done the same thing!!!

  7. mistry7

    mistry7 Guest


    only One Way to unbrick the AP....

    Open it, connect an JTAG, Erase NVRAM,
    when it doesnt starts,
    Reflash CFE, Reflash Kernel, Clear NVRAM again...

    if xou need ...

  8. Anti-XP

    Anti-XP Network Guru Member

    on you can find how they saved a V2 which they flashed with firmware for the V1.

    I don't know much about the V3, but you can give it a try, you've voided your warranty anyway ;)

    This is the exact link for english, the rest of the site is in dutch.

    Replace the mustdie V2.07.1 by the original linksys firmware.
    This solution is provided by JPD
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