MustDie WAP54G Firmware 2.07 revision 1 RELEASED

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by MustDie, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. MustDie

    MustDie Network Guru Member


    First of all I'd like to thank the great people of
    and Jim personally for letting me post the firmware here. Please send him "thank you" cards/flowers/money/beer.

    Now, the firmware:

    MustDie 2.07 revision 1


    While this firmware is based on Linksys/Cisco 2.07 GPL tar-ball,
    the modifications made allow user to force WAP54G to work outside
    of the parameters specified by manufacturer of the WAP54G or
    its components, which in turn may cause damage to the WAP54G.
    In such cases Linksys/Cisco may (and probably will) refuse warranty
    service for the damaged WAP54G.

    Setting "Transmitter Power" to the level above the one allowed by the
    FCC (or a similar agency of your country/region) MAY CAUSE HARMFUL
    responsible for all damages to yourself, your property, others
    and/or property of others caused by setting the "Transmitter Power"
    to the illegal levels of RF emissions.

    Setting "Channel" to one not appoved by the FCC (or a similar agency
    of your country/region) for use in your region MAY CAUSE HARMFUL INTERFERENCE
    and MAY result in you being prosecuted by the FCC (or a similar agency
    of your country/region).

    You can find the firmware in the downloads section

    Direct links:


    Source: MustDie_2.07_r1_src.tar.tar

    As a sign of gratitude from us all, please browse through,
    use their banners and/or buy through them.
  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member


    Welcome MustDie!

    The entire community extends its collective and hearty handshake! We're always on the look out for great new firmware, and this is definitely one of those gems!

    Everyone else - take a look at MustDie's work and give him some feedback - keep him coming back for more ;-)
  3. HPS2

    HPS2 Network Guru Member

    Wow, I'm looking forward to giving this a shot! THANKS!
  4. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    nice one :wink: any one tried it yet!!!

    1) Setup: Regulatory Domain "Worldwide" (channels 1-14 are available)
    2) Advanced Wireless: Receiving Antenna (Left, Right, Diversity)
    3) Advanced Wireless: Transmitting Antenna (Left, Right, Diversity)
    4) Advanced Wireless: Transmitter Power (1-84 mW)
    5) Status: Receiving Antenna, Transmitting Antenna, Transmitter Power"
  5. commanderx

    commanderx Network Guru Member


    beforce i f*ck up my devices, i better ask :).
    I have 2.08 in my two WAP54G´s, is this a Problem?
    Or is everything after 2.7r1 okay?
  6. Deimos

    Deimos Network Guru Member

    Why don't you add a Telnet server on WAP54G ?

    For me it's useful to analyze some problem.

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    wont install on my WAP54G fw 2.08 wont downgrade fw
  8. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    The 2.08 firmware appears to be a European release only. For those with 2.08 already installed, you may have to try to downgrade to the linksys 2.07 firmware and then upgrade to MustDie 2.07R1
  9. Deimos

    Deimos Network Guru Member

  10. Deimos

    Deimos Network Guru Member


    Diag LED won't turn off. But seems to work eth and wl. I've see a probably solution:

    Look at Marter post. This should be apply to 2.06 Firware but i ythink that works also with 2.07.

    Another question. Why i set WAP54G to Wireless repeater the channel switch automatically from any one i have set to channel 6?

  11. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    I did this and still no joy :evil: it will not install on my WAP54G :?
  12. MustDie

    MustDie Network Guru Member

    jdepew is absolutely right - 2.08 is a European version for which no source was released, thus cannot be hacked so far. I seriously doubt that downgrading the firmware from 2.08 to 2.07 (hacked or not) is a good idea.
    The firmware I made is a modification of a 2.07 source (most probably configured for the US).
  13. MustDie

    MustDie Network Guru Member

    What is the actual problem you're having? What version of the firmware you currently have installed?
  14. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    I have a WAP54G fw 2.07 but it will not upgrade the firmware keeps saying cannot downgrade the Firmware!! :?
  15. Deimos

    Deimos Network Guru Member


    Check Disable to Downgrade Header.

  16. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member


    Thanks all for the info got the fw installed all works very well. But its just the Diag LED won't turn off. Back to the linksys fw nice fw though.
    :wink: :wink:
  17. mr_yma

    mr_yma Guest

    Access Point Client

    Do "Access Point Client" mode work correctly in this firmware version ? (WAP54G <=> SmartBridges) ???
  18. snlp

    snlp Network Guru Member

    I got my WAP54G v1.0 yesterday with a pre-installed v1.08 European firmware. I went to the LinkSys website and upgraded to 1.09.1 just like they instructed. The first thing I noticed was that the region changed from Europe (with 13 channels) to US (only 11 channels). So I guess I must have gotten the non-European FW which worked all the same though. I went forward and installed the 2.08 EU version from the Internaional Support section.

    Sure enough, I also wanted to try the power-hacked FW (thanks MustDie!). After not getting any trouble with 1.09.1 US I decided to take a shot at downgrading again to 2.07 US. No problems so far.

    Uploading the hack didn't work immediately because it wouldn't let me downgrade again (even though 2.08 to 2.07 worked fine). So I disabled the downgrade header like instructed in this thread and managed to upload the hack without any problems.

    So far it's working alright and the Diag LED is turned on all the time as expected. Only weird thing I noticed is that I'm losing connection after about 1 minute when using channel 5. So I switched to CH1 which seems to have solved that problem.

    I'm now really confident that I can switch FW versions back and fourth regardless of the region. I will run a few more tests and probably report back here.
  19. snlp

    snlp Network Guru Member


    I always lose connection after about 30 minutes. If I reboot the AP by resaving the configuration, everything works fine for another 30min. If I do nothing then the AP comes back up by itself some 15 minutes later.

    Weird problem... I guess I will go back to the original FW. It was fun though and I did get quite a nice power boost.
  20. SplinterFL

    SplinterFL Network Guru Member

    Extra Feature request

    I'm interested in using this new F/W in a production system, (84mW + 13 dBI sector antennas = 4 Watt limit). I need roaming as a requirement, could the F/W code writer add this a new feature.

    When a user associates with the AP, I need it to send an ARP out to update switches higher up that the clients MAC is now on that AP. And other APs (using this F/W) need to check if that ARP MAC is in their table (i.e. if they are the old AP) and forward any cached data to the new AP.

    Here is an example: 4 AP's North,South,East,West... a user should be able to go around the tower and as they change AP's the switch connecting them needs to know that they switch to keep a contant, un interupted connection. An ARP request seems the easiest way to update most switches, as they take note of the old MAC on the new port.

    Another thing I'm intersted in, can an AP be both WEP and open?... experiments with having some clients use WEP (to make them FEEL safer), and others use nothing.

    Refer to for more details of the AP requirements.

    Thanks, Tech in Central Florida
  21. BrooklynWalker

    BrooklynWalker Network Guru Member

    Well, I installed this successfully. Now, my question is:

    Did the /fw-conf.asp page get removed in the MustDie FW? Whenever I specify it, from several different machines' IE6 instances, it just shows a blank page, and not the 2 drop downs it showed with the official Linksys 2.07 FW.

    I like the antenna diversity and transmit power fields you added. Thank you.
  22. CyberCrash

    CyberCrash Guest

    I flashed tew-410APB+ to MustDie_2.07_r1.
    I reseted my ap (HARD RESET) now i cant log in .
    I try user: admin pass:admin ,and my old passwords...
    please help.... :oops:
  23. 1BlackHatch

    1BlackHatch Guest

    user needs to be blank and password is "admin" by default
  24. commanderberti

    commanderberti Network Guru Member

  25. oopsibrokeit

    oopsibrokeit Network Guru Member

    reply to fw-conf going missing...

    the fw-conf page goes missing in must die, but it doesn't seem to matter, i've flashed my wap from mustdie 2.07 to linksys 1.08 (eu version) and it doesn't care about being downgraded. it's not there because it doesn't need to be :)

    incidentally i then flashed back to 2.02, then 2.08 then used the fw-conf to allow me to go back to mustdie2.07 and it works happilly all the way through.

    I guess i've just got too much time on my hands!
  26. JethroXP

    JethroXP Guest

    Hi there, just curious if MustDie will be updated to use the 2.08 firmware?

  27. oopsibrokeit

    oopsibrokeit Network Guru Member

    I expect so... we haven't had word that this *is* the case, but i cannot imagine *no-one* doing some new firmware!

    (if it comes down to it I will try and do some, i've written fw before, but not for a linux box, it was assembler for an old command line config router that didn't do what i thought it ought to!)
  28. DJFliX

    DJFliX Guest


    Hello all of you! My problem: I upgraded my WAP to 2.08EU, but is i go to my WAP's page ( and try to upgrade, it tells me i can't downgrade. If I try i get a blank page, no choices, nothing. Is telnet enabled in the 2.08 firmware, if yes, can i change this downgrade option through telnet?


  29. flinte

    flinte Network Guru Member

    please use {youre WAP IP}/fw-conf.asp!!

    not fw/config.asp !!!

  30. DaSingh

    DaSingh Network Guru Member

    Just wondered what value you guys are using for Transmitter Power? The default is 22 mW but I dont want to put it up too much as I havent a clue about any of stuff to be honest. Is it something you just gradually keep upping until your happy or can I whack it straight up to 84 mW and not worry about it?
  31. Mirage

    Mirage Network Guru Member

    I have a problem I have a firmware v2.08 and I can downgrade to v2.07 to instal mustdie firmware and sorry for my bad english
  32. kdnet

    kdnet Guest

    does anybody make a successful downgrading form 2.08 to must_die 2.07 ??
  33. Mirage

    Mirage Network Guru Member

    Yes I did with {youre WAP IP}/fw-conf.asp!! and not fw/config.asp !!! thx flint and MustDie... 8)
  34. maniacathome

    maniacathome Guest


    is there a way to switch WAP54G with Mustdie2.07 to repeater modus???

  35. tonydm

    tonydm Network Guru Member

    Can't download Firmware Upgrade

    I'm trying to download the upgrade that MustDie has, as I've read, worked very hard on. When I get the page that asks me to enter in the password displayed, the next page which comes up after cliking "Fetch it", is and no save dialog box ever comes up. Any help would be appreciated.

  36. tonydm

    tonydm Network Guru Member

    Can't download Firmware Upgrade - Resolved

    For some reason, linking to the download via the link on this forum, takes you to a page that selects "" to be downloaded. I backtracked and went to the common "downloads" page and linked to the WAP54G downloads then to MustDie. There the link to download the firware works. Thanks. No to see how everything goes with my upgrade. Thanks again.

  37. tonydm

    tonydm Network Guru Member

    MustDie Firmware Upgrade requires 2.07?

    Ok, I have a real question now. I got MustDie's firmware upgrade downloaded. Reading the "readme" file, it says that I must first install the Linksys 2.07 firware upgrade. The problem is, I think, is that the only upgrade available Linksys's site is version 2.08. Is this a problem? If so, how/where might I get version 2.07? Thanks

  38. aspenjim

    aspenjim Network Guru Member

    we need a new link to the firmware

    The link doesn't work. It asked for a password and reloaded home page in.


    *edit* nevermind, I reread the above post and I obtained the bios.



    Can't wait to compare its range agains cisco ap352's.
  39. Paulkra

    Paulkra Network Guru Member

    Mustdie upgrade firmware

    It's works like a dream.

    what about heat when I boost power are there any problems ??

  40. niceboy

    niceboy Network Guru Member


    I would know if can the Mustdie Firmware communicate with other Producer in the client-mode? Example: Linksys WAP54G Client --> Lancom or Netgear AP

  41. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    ;-)Your Download-Link: Mustdie Firmware 2.07
  42. pen25

    pen25 Guest

    just loaded the firmware and testing now with a 50mw. i am now more blue then before. we will see if my drop outs still occure. now if someone will mod the fw of the motorola cards haha
  43. ADiab

    ADiab Guest

    I got new WAP54G Rev3 with firmware 3.02
    can I put MustDie_2.07_r1 in it ?
    BTW this new Rev3 have new button in front called one touch setup button

    please advice

  44. zhuntai

    zhuntai Guest


    just wondering if it'd make any difference that i'm getting an Australia region device?

    Also, can someone confirm that they've got MustDie working on a WAP54G Rev 1.1 with WPA-PSK?

    haha i guess im seeking a kind of reassurance before i go and do this... i've had bad experiences with firmwares in the past :(

  45. mariodepaz

    mariodepaz Network Guru Member

    Wap doesn´t response

    Hey gay:
    I have downgrade de firmware to my wap:
    WAP54G Version 2
    Firmware 2.7

    I did this to change the original firmware for mustdie, but now I can´t access de wap.
    When I made the downgrade the wap was of this way:
    Mode: Ap

    Now I can see the light Power the lan power but the Act light is always off, I tried to restart this to the default setting pressing the reset button.
    It suppose than the Ip by default is, I´ve change the Ip to my ip to the same network but nothing I can not pinging.
    Neither with previous the reset or
    with default

    Any help will be really appreciated.
    Thanks a lot
  46. kazas

    kazas Network Guru Member

    wap54 v3

    once again: does anybody try wap54g v.3 with mustdie_2.07_r1

  47. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Hi! No prblems here with a WAP54G v 1.1 I used the to enable the FW downgrade and it installed perfectly. Configured my antennas to Lt=Tx and Rt=Rx and running at 60mW. Also have 128 bit WPA-TKIP running.

    Nice work!

    Quick question, which specific router versions does this work on? Just 1.0 and 1.1? Thanks!
  48. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Hey I just noticed something. Once I upgraded to the MustDie FW, I can no longer access the fw-conf.asp page in my WAP. Anyone else notice this? Thanks
  49. gbean

    gbean LI Guru Member

    is there any advantage to running separate antenna tx/rx rather than diversity?
    if so what is the deal with that?
  50. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Any updates to this firmware since 2.07 R1?
  51. Zer0Cool

    Zer0Cool Guest

    Do you really need an update? already does everything it could do..

    I've been running this firmware since it came out and it's still working great at 84mW.
  52. fvisions

    fvisions Guest

    Hey, I am new, new, new to this stuff! Will this upgrade work on the WRT54GS? A salesman at my local Staples suggested (very strongly) that I come to this site and download this firmware. He said it would work fine on my WRT54GS but I think I should get feedback from you guys.
    If it doesn't work is there anything here that will boast my signal? Not more than 15 feet from the WRT I have a laptop, in my living room, through one sheet rocked wall, uninsulated (!!) all I get low signal strength! I have worked w/ the LinkSys techs three or four times and no change. First tech though the router was bad (had the WRT54G) so I returned it and instead purchased the GS thinking it would cure the problem - no such luck! Next I purchased the WRE54GS, still no increase in signal strength from low to poor reading. Anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or if there is any firmware upgrade here that will help? Ted
  53. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    no it will not work on the wrt54gs

    the simialr models are WRT54G/GS/GL

    WAP54G/GS are totally different.

    what version of WRT54GS do you have?
  54. Takamo

    Takamo Guest

    WAP54g....After the firmware update

    Ok...I'm a bit confused. After the firmware update, I hard re-set the wap and, nothing! I have two of these ap's and one was marginal at best. The darn thing has issues with the rj45 jack in that it some times won't connect. I re-solderes the joints and it worked. then I flashed it and it doesn't work now. Then, because I have such faith in the programers, I flashed the good ap and now it doesn't work. ....HELP!

    ....I fixed my own problem. I had revision 3.1 and tried to install the "MustDie_2.07_r1" . The AP's faild to respond at all and after I pulled my last moustache hair out, I figured out the tftp and forced the original 3.1 release from Linksys. They both work fine. Now, I tried that "wap54g_3.08.HiPower.104.trx" and it works, but the ap will NOT retain its ssid and changes the wap key on it's own making the ap inaccesible from a wirless stand point. I re-flashed it back to the 3.0 from Linksys and again, it works perfectly.

    1. I am not as hack savey as the creators of these .trx's and as I learn, I take the good with the bad at my own risk. BUT, it would help if the creators are a little more descriptive in what versions work and which ones don't. When I test new hardware or software, I make darn sure to test it with all versions before listing it as stable, and avoid sending the rest of the users to Google looking for fixes to my mistakes.
    2. If any one needs to un-brick your WAP54g, All versions, with out having to dismantle the ap, e-mail me and I will forward the instructions to force your ap to take the old or working .trx/.bin files.
  55. MacTeNakA

    MacTeNakA Guest

    Broken Link. please help or redirect
  56. nwru

    nwru Guest

    It's available in the downloads section of this site.

    Direct link.
  57. Mr_Five

    Mr_Five LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Are this firmware suitable for my Linksys WAP54G v3.1 ?
    The current firmware was 2005, Dec 28, ETSI, v3.05

    The router problem:
    Hang after online for more than 3 days, so everytime the router hang-up, i must un-powering it.

    Anybody can help or give me suggestion ?

  58. adamerso

    adamerso Guest

  59. Xelmep

    Xelmep LI Guru Member

    I need original LinkSYS firmware V2.07 for WAP54G .
    Many thanks.
  60. rabjerg

    rabjerg Guest

    Download link

    Hi World.

    I can't download from the original link on the side. Why? And can you give me another link?:confused:
  61. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    You are running into problems because this thread is old. What firmware link are you talking about?
  62. yurim

    yurim Networkin' Nut Member

    file not found. where can I download it?

  63. cdance

    cdance Networkin' Nut Member

    yes is true ,we cannot download from cisco website this firmware release
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