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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrTibbs, Aug 24, 2008.

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    For those interested, I have completed tests on a few antenna designs. The outcome is 2 homebrew antennae seem to rate high above the rest handmade antennae. The double biquad and a 13 element yagi seem to be the best performers for me. In testing, I found that regardless of what you use, signal strength seems to change on a daily basis. This seems contrary to popular beliefs that microwave radiation is somewhat impervious to changes in atmosphere. My system consists of a 7inch by 7inch cakepan with a double biquad, a linksys router covered with plexiglass and the yagi mounted atop the cakepan. This is all mounted on a programmable rotor. Its quite the gizmo! I have found that on some days, the yagi outperforms the biquad and other days its the opposite. I also found the yagi comes in like gangbusters on some hotspots and fails miserably on others but I attribute this to the hotspots antenna polarization as my yagi is verically polarized. The yagi seems to have the same gain as the double biquad but is less susceptible to noise which is a plus on some connections. I also have tried the dish antenna and mounted a double biquad on it only to find that the dish isnt needed if the biquad is built properly with a good reflector. The pringles antenna may be somewhat confusing to you because there are actually 2 versions. One is a simple element in the can which acts merely as a waveguide and provides very little gain. The other pringles is a yagi in a can. I havent tried this one yet as I cant bring myself to putting a pringles can on this work of art. Anyway, I am off to trying to duplicate the yagi and using horizontal polarization to see if it confirms my thoughts on the polarization problems. If so, away with the biquad and on with twin yagis! Yall have fun!

    K this project is completed and thought some of you might like to see the final product.....go to to see a pic if you like.
  2. DrTibbs

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    final homebrew project pic!
  3. DrTibbs

    DrTibbs Addicted to LI Member

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