MY Last Hope WRT54GP2 And WUSB54G V4

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dyrr, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Dyrr

    Dyrr Network Guru Member

    Okie Im no slouch at computers but im stumped. I have a WRT54GP2 which works fine for my vonage and laptop as far as wireless is concerned. On my desktop I have a WUSB54G V4; that being said when I try to make my desktop wireless it will run for around 1hour exactually and then completely freeze and requires a powerdown (By pulling the plug) and then Power back up; this happens over and over again.The only time this desktop computer wont freeze is if its hardwired via Cat5 Cable. Im pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is up with my WIFI :/

    -Thank for your help
    -=-Ryan :drinking:
  2. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    I find with that model of router it's best to turn the dhcp server off and manually assign yourself an Ip address.

    Set the router local ip to

    Then on each pc your connecting wirelessly set the network card to:

    192.168.0.x (x is a differnet number for each computer you add) (subnet mask) (default gateway - router's ip address)

    Remember to get access to the net you will also need to set the DNS sever address on the network card - look on your routers 'status/router' tab for that info.

    I find the wireless channel for this router is also most stable on channel 10.

    I have the same router as you and have been messing around with it for a few months now - It's a know fact that the DHCP server with this router in wireless mode is crap, once your lease expires the router usually crashes when trying to renew the ip address.

    Try using it like that m8, you should be pleasantly surprised that router is much more stable, and your security has also been beefed up a little by using static addresses.
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