My Leviton SMC Installation -Work In Progress-

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    The Background:
    Me and my wife got married back in August and have since purchased a 2 floor Cape Cod... Im a pretty heavy duty computer-er-er-er... My workstation is a whitebox that is running a intel 3ghz, 4gb ram and just shy of a TB of HD space sporting (4) 19" LCDs, blah blah blah... In addition I have two web servers and a wide array of other devices that make sure of my wireless-g network

    Im kind of a perfectionist and right now my home office setup is anything but that... I have cables drilled in undesirable places and in general its just too "weekend warrior" for me

    So Ive set off to learn Levitons SMC system and get my house wired and setup a little more professionally

    The Requirements:
    -All connections in house to be through a wallplate with proper terminations
    -Organize the central location such that mantenance is less tedious
    -Allow for future expansion

    Existing Equipment:
    -(1) WRT54GS Router with Tomato
    -(2) HGA7T booster antennas
    -(1) EZXS88W Switch
    -(1) APC 350 Series UPS

    New Equipment:
    -(1) EF4116 Switch
    -(1) AS2TNC antenna re-locater
    -(1) 280 Series SMC Panel
    -(1) 4760603 Telephone/Video Panel

    Other Items:
    -Quickport wallplates & jacks
    -1000' ft spool of RG-6 QUAD
    -1000' ft spool of CAT5e Solid Cable
    -Misc odds and ends

    The Install:
    I started by mounting a sheet of 4x8 1/2" plywood on my basement wall. The wall construction is block so I decided to use some heavy duty lags that I scored at home depot. Each one holds about 1200 pounds and I installed nine. The board isnt going anywhere! I also decided to fir/fur the board out with some cheap fir/fur stripping

    After mounting the board I snapped chalk lines every wo feet so that It was neatly divided. I gave the far right side of the board to Verizon to mount their FIOS equipment. This worked out REALLY well for two reasons:
    1) It made his life easier during the install
    2) He was about to mount everything inside (or so he said) I dont see anything there that COULD be mounted outside (see the picture below)

    As an after thought, I wish I would have had another 280 panel mounted and ready so the FIOS equipment could as well be enclosed but the tech showed me how to disconnect the fiber and reconnect it so doing this would be possible

    Moving along, I mounted everything I current had in my possesion, in the panel, including my router. I'm a big ebay fanboy for stuff like this. I was able to pickup two of the AHT panels for $50 SHIPPED and returned the second one to Home Depot for store credit which allowed me to buy other items I needed at no added expense.

    I also opted to use some conduit for the first couple feet leaving the SMC to help support the weight of all the cable I'm going to install in it. Conduit is pretty much cheap ($4 for 10 ft of 1-1/2" PVC) so this was feasable

    I also had to make a call on giving power to the panel... I really had two options:
    1) Buy the power pack module that lays in the bottom of the SMC and beg an electrically savvy friend to wire it for me
    2) Mount a power strip and tap into it thusly

    I opted for the second option for a few reasons:
    1) Extra power in the vicinity of the project
    2) Ease of install
    3) Cost effective

    Now that I have power I added a 350 series UPS I had kicking around under the SMC and connected a standard 6 plug power strip to that... Now my whole SMC has backup power AND added surge protection

    Comin' Soon:
    Luckily I have the next four days off for the Christmas Holiday so I'll have a chance to run some coax around the house and get that portion functional... I am anticipating shipments of the rest of the components next week and as well as some Home Depot gift cards for x-mas so that should help finish up the parts gathering... The only tricky item left is running a conduit from the basement up to the knee-wall attic to provide services for the upstairs

    Current Pics:

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Pic 3
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