My NSLU2 doesn't like lying on its side

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by byKnight, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. byKnight

    byKnight Network Guru Member

    Like some, I struggled with moving large amounts of data on or off the drive I have connected to my NSLU2. Moving a large file (> 1GB) or a large number of files at once would result in NSLU2 losing its ability to use the disk. The NSLU2 web interface would show the disk was no longer present. Only by resetting the power on the disk and the NSLU2 could I restore access to the disk.

    I tried a variety of suggestions I found here, implemented some TCP/IP tweaks and found some improvement. Problem became even less frequent when I moved the disk to USB port 2 on the NSLU2.

    However, from time to time the disk would still "disappear" on me. Even during periods where disk activity was light or non-existent. This would happen at least twice a day. And the only method I found that would recover functionality was to remove and reinsert the power cable on the NSLU2; the NSLU2 would not shut down after I pressed the power button.

    My NSLU2 sits on a shelf a couple of feet from the one disk attached to it. For whatever reason, I had always left the NSLU2 lying on its side. The other day I stood it up in its little stand. I haven't any problems with it since. This is the longest period of hassle-free operation I've experienced with the NSLU2.
  2. mawwoods

    mawwoods Network Guru Member

    I have had the same 'disk not recognised' problem, but mine has always been upright on its stand. I'm still trying to understand if it is a problem with the NSLU2 or the usb drive.

    For me the NSLU2 will not be much use until it is stable. Losing service on a daily basis does not remotely equate to stability!!!

    Thought just occurred to me. Did you have it lying on top of your hard drive case?
  3. bdl99

    bdl99 Network Guru Member

    I had problems with disks not being recognized and found I had to reboot several times or start in a particular order to get the drives seem (especially disk2).

    Then I think I found the solution, remove the jumpers from the drives so that they are not set to master. I have tried this on both my devices and on a friends and since then we have had no problems.
  4. byKnight

    byKnight Network Guru Member

    Nope. Like I said, I had it lying on its side a few feet from the hard drive (a Maxtor OneTouch) to which it was connected. There were no heat sources near the NSLU2.

    Since standing my NSLU2 upright more than a week ago, I have encountered no downtime. The previous best I ever achieved was about three hours.
  5. toerag

    toerag Network Guru Member

    I notice that mine has little rubber feet on one side ... as though lying on its side was intended to be an alternative orientation.

    - then again it also has some ventilation holes that would be impeded while lying on its side so it might run a bit hotter.

    - also in my case, it looks like, on its side, there could be some strain on my usb cable due to its relative inflexibility - I wonder if it would be possible for it to make a bad connection like that. Also the ethernet cable if it comes to that.

    I think I'll leave mine vertical anyway
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