My Perfect settings for WAG54G v1.2 based wireless network

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by gokkor, Dec 28, 2005.


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  1. gokkor

    gokkor Guest

    Hello everyone!

    for a while, i've been trying to find out what's wrong with my WAG54G since i was unable to connect (or at least stay connected for long terms) to wireless.

    After trying lots of useless things, i've finally used the advantage of being seriously ill and therefore being forced to stay in bed all day long and downloaded and read some papers about wireless network settings. I'm not a network specialist nor i do understand every fact about networks bu i do hace an electronic background so i wasn't that hard.

    OK, now first thing first. Let's describe the problem and then talk about the solution :

    Problem :

    - I was having a hard time to stay connected to my wireless network. Expecially when i try mass data transfers (like copying a big directory)

    - My WAG54G was somehow closing its wireless network, so not a single computer was able to connect it again. (although it's looking like wireless was set on) And this issue was being solved only when i reset or power off-on WAG54G or else change any wireless setting from admin pages.

    - My wireless range was extremely short. (Indoors, i was barely see the signal from two stories down but the real funny thing was, i was barely seeing the very same signal from my bedroom which is almost next door to the room my WAG54G is located)

    Possible Causes :
    - There is (yes it's still there) a cordless phone just beneath my WAG54G.

    - My WAG54G is located in a weird corner of my house, so that it's 3 sides are almost completely surrounded by walls.

    - There are too many RF interferences around here :)


    - First i've turned my WAG54G backwards, so even though i can not see the LEDs in the front, at least the antenna is in a fairly better position. (No, i just can not place my WAG54G to another spot, it has to stay there due to some illogical reasons)

    - I've upgraded my firmware to 1.0.3 (still beta, but works fine for me)

    - I've reloaded factory settings and switch off-on my WAG54G

    - I've changed my "Beacon Interval" to 500 ms from "Advanced Wireless Settings" section of admin pages.

    - I've changed "DTIM Interval" to 1 (It's not really important and you can leave it as it is for this will cost you more battery power if you're using a laptop)

    - I've changed "Fragmentation Treshold" to 500. This is one of the most important thing for my network. This setting is controlling the packet sizes in your network. Any bigger packet than the size specified in here will be splited in smaller packettes, thus allowing WAG54G a better chance to send them without any errors.

    - I've changed "RTS Treshold" to 500. This is the other most important setting in my net. This setting controls when RTS/CTS mechanism will be used. Any packet bigger than this size will be sent using RTS/CTS mechanism. (In short WAG54G will say, 'oh, it's ok for you to send that package to me' and the other end -your lovely pc- will say 'oh, is that so, i'm very glad, here it is i'm sending it'. -Actually it's just the opposite but this way it's funnier to write- So it's just a handshaking mechanism but it's utterly necessary when there are interferences around so, decives will now when they can communicate with each other and therefore they will only communicate when there is a lower chance of error). By setting this such a low value i'm sure even nonstandard packets will be sent with RTS/CTS (by the way, RTS means ready to send - or request to send if you like to be more precise- , and CTS means clear to send and those are used in serial communications)

    RESULT :

    - Now i'm able to stay connected to my network as long as i want.

    - I'm able to pick up signals from my bedroom very easily.

    - I've tested to transfer 6 GB, it took a while but it was impossible before, so i'm quite happy. (Ah, even i could barely connect to network from the same spot, i've copied that very same 6GB with steady 24Mb/s)

    - I'm happy :)

    Hope it helps to someone.

    Note: Please let me know if anything i wrote is wrong. As i said, i'm not an expert on networks.
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