My RVS400 woes. Any possible solutions?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Jetlag, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    After spending no less than 4:30 hours via 3 separate phone calls to Linksys Technical Support (aka "India") I am ready to RMA this router unless anyone here might have a solution. Here goes...

    I purchased this router to replace my BEFSX41 which works perfectly except for the VPN which I have never been able to get working. I wanted VPN access to my home NAS while traveling using my laptop, but without having to lug another VPN router along with me. But that story is for another thread. Maybe now I will have to revisit that issue though.

    OK, back to the RVS4000. It came with the earliest version of the firmware, so I first updated it to v 1.0.15 while also updating the IPS signatures to v 1.23. The update appeared to go perfectly. BTW I also upgraded to the new router so that my entire LAN would be gigabit and support jumbo frames (except of course for the WAP), and would have a more robust firewall.

    My home LAN consists of the following:
    Desktop PC
    Laptop (sometimes wired, sometimes wireless)
    HP Laserjet networked via a D-Link DP101P+
    ReadyNAS NV (wired)
    Dell PowerConnect 2716 (wired)
    Linksys WAP54G (both?) plugged into the router
    Comcast broadband - Motorola SB5120 (wired)
    Vivotek network camera (wireless)
    Veo network camera (wired)
    Slim Devices Transporter (wireless)
    Slim Devices Squeezebox 3 (wireless)

    Everything on the list is plugged into the switch except for the WAP which is connected to the router, and of course the WAN which goes to the router from the SB5120. Of course, you know more about this stuff than me so that would be a given to you.

    Although not being a techie, and having zero formal computer or network training I managed to get this all working very reliably.
    I then attempted to go from this:


    To this:


    Effectively just a simple swap out, or so I thought. FYI, I set up all of my network devices with fixed IP addresses to make manageability easier. I leave the DHCP enabled on the router for flexibility and the occaisional invited guest. Everything was 100% OK prior to the RVS4000.

    1. First issue - zero WAN throughput. I could log onto my cable modem ( from both my PC and laptop through the RVS4000 and it showed a good connection and signal. Switched out a couple of the cat6 cables for cat5e, then cat5 (an idea gleaned from the other RVS4000 thread), no help. Did a factory default reset - no help. Started reading the manual and found the 'router' vs. 'gateway' button. Switched it to 'gateway' mode and viola, WAN connectivity. Whew!

    2. Second, and yet unresolved issue. I cannot access the ReadyNAS, the shared files/folders on my PC, nor print to the Laserjet from my laptop (sharing is enabled). My PC can print, but cannot access the ReadNAS. I am running Norton I.S. 2007, but everything was working OK prior to the new router, so I am hoping it is not the issue.

    I have been through every setup page on the RVS4000 as well as all of the calls to India. My eyes hurt from ready through the PDF manual.

    Any thoughts or ideas prior to me returning it?

    Thanks, and sorry for being longwinded, but I did not want to leave anything out.
  2. csayers

    csayers LI Guru Member


    Have you made sure that your Static Addresses you have given your devices does not overlap with the DHCP range of the RVS4000? That is a common mistake.

    IE: if all your static IPs for your devices are for example, Make sure the DHCP range on the router is

    Good Luck
  3. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Good idea.

    My assigned static IPs range from 20 to 89, and I avoided specifically the ones typically used for specific purposes (FTP=21, TELNET=23, SMTP=25, DNS=53, TFTP=69, FINGER=79, HTTP=80, POP3=110, NNTP=119, SNMP=161).

    I had setup the RVS4000 for 9 starting at 100, same as I have my BEFSX41 set to.

    BTW, once I swapped back to the BEFSX41, everything works perfectly once again.
  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    They're ports not IP addresses :wink1:

    Does disabling the RVS4000's firewall allow you access?
  5. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Yeah, I realized the IP/Port mix up after I went to bed last night. What can I say, I'm a bit confused after the headaches and frustration.

    I will give the router firewall deal a try prior to RMA.

    On another forum someone who did the exact same thing I am trying had immediate success (exact same routers and models and FW). I'm thinking this one might be a dud out of the box. Would not be the first time for me with a Linksys product. Not that they are any better or worse than any other brand out there (except of course Cisco which is to pricey for my home LAN).
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    when you log onto the RVS4000 do you have an external IP address shown on the WAN?

    firstly try rebooting the Cablemodem first. then reboot the RVS4000.

    and if possible try disabling the IPS feature and firewall to see if they are interfering with access.
  7. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    I'll have to let you know on Monday, I'm out on the road with work right now.
  8. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Yes, connecting to the WAN is working great wit speeds above 10MBPS on occaission. I can access the WAN from all of my connected devices.

    I must have power cycled everything a dozen times while troubleshooting. I always start teh repower cycle with the SB5120 first, follwed by my router and switch, lsatly the connected devices.

    This I will definitely give a try once I return home.
  9. Jetlag

    Jetlag LI Guru Member

    Well, after about another 3 hours of troubleshooting I finally came to the conclusion that this router was defective and RMA’d it.

    I tried quite a number of things including:

    Re-flashing the firmware
    Hard Reboots
    Multiple power cycles
    Disabling IPS &/or Firewall inside the router
    Disabling Norton Internet Security 2007 on my PC and laptop
    Setting my devices to DHCP instead of static IP
    Turned off DHCP inside my cable modem
    Direct connections without using my switch

    Each time it seemed when one thing began working something else would stop. It even stopped responding twice, no WAN or LAN throughput and I could not view the setup pages on my browser.

    One issue is that there is not exactly a great deal of information out there on this router model since it is so new. I did receive emails and PMs from a couple of folks who either had 100% instant success with it, or else could never get it working right. I’d give Linksys Tech Support maybe a C- this time.

    I think I will wait a number of months after the firmware has been refined a bit more. At that time I will be moving into a new house and will have to wire and setup my LAN there, so not 100% sure which gear I will be going with yet.

    Thanks everyone for your help, but when your dealing with a bad router even great suggestions won’t help.
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