My WRT54G v5 eat my outgoing DNS replies

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by atte, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. atte

    atte Network Guru Member

    Hi there!

    I replaced my old router a few days ago with a new WRT54G v5. Behind the router I have one desktop box and one server.

    The server serves www (tcp80) and dns (udp53). I have set it to be the DMZ box and www works fine. Also NS queries seem to get in to the server and I can see the server sending the reply. But it seem to get stuck in the router on its way back to the client!

    I have emailed support about this and they tell me to disble firewall stuff and play with the MTU settings. Since this does not help Im starting to feel helpless.

    (Using plain port forward instead of DMZ does not help).

    Am I really the first one to place a nameserver behind this device?

    Please can anyone give me feedback on this issue?

    Kind regards,
  2. lesuk

    lesuk Guest

    i got the same problem, going to get a dlink
  3. jarodbeekman

    jarodbeekman Guest


    I had the same problem. The router was dropping udp replies, however, tcp queries returned just fine. Sounds like linksys support is just reading the script to you.

    I contacted support and actually seem to have gotten the problem solved. Though I don't know why setting the following under port triggering fixed the issue for me.

    Triggered Range Start Port = 53
    Triggered Range End Port = 53
    Forwarded Range Start Port = 53
    Forwarded Range End Port = 53
    Enable = Checked

    Go figure? I don't know why you would have to "open" ports outbound, but it seems like that's the deal.

  4. atte

    atte Network Guru Member

    After my first post I was contacted by an engineer at Linksys who gave me a beta fw to try out and it solves the problem. I assume the new fw is coming out soon!

    Thanks to Linksys for fixing that!
  5. atte

    atte Network Guru Member


    ...thanks jarodbeekman for sharing your solution!
  6. rjacoby

    rjacoby Guest


    I've been searching the web all day, and finally stumbled on this.

    Seems like a fairly broken DMZ implementation, if you have to port-trigger.

    Anyway, thanks for the solution - I've been blaming tinydns all day.
    Looking forward to the new firmware.
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