My WRT54GS v2 has 10 LEDs

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by LavaJoe, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. LavaJoe

    LavaJoe Network Guru Member

    On the autopsy page, the implication is that the v2.1 model is when they went to 10 LEDs (the illuminated Cisco logo button) - however, it's ambiguous since that section under v2 is blank.

    To my surprize, my v2 does have the LEDs behind the button (white at least), even though it appeared that the firmware from the factory did not turn them on (have others seen this with the factory firmware on v2?). Does anyone out there remember which firmware came from the factory in their v2? I loaded OpenWRT before noting this, and I discovered the LEDs (well, white anyway) exist by using a utility to turn the LED on.
  2. yogidbear

    yogidbear Network Guru Member

    Yup, both of my wrt56gsv2 routers default factory firmwares did not have the led's turned on, although after noticing an ad for the "new" ses button that was under the logo, i went to see if the button was there, and sure enough it was, along with the led's, afew days later i updated my firmware and the first thing i noticed was the amber and white led's
  3. LavaJoe

    LavaJoe Network Guru Member

    Great - thanks for the info!!

    Oh, and how does one notify the author of the autopsy page about this? I'd love to get the info in there that v2 has the LEDs/button.
  4. Lumute

    Lumute Network Guru Member

    Not only white led, I just bought a WRT54GS v2 and loaded DD-WRT v23 and when I push the ses button it togles White - Ambar - Off
  5. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    yes if u telnet into the wrt54g with dd-wrt firmware you can do with
    "./gipio disable 2"
    will turn on the white light i think
    "./gpio disable 3"
    wil turn on amber.....
    dont use the quotes.
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