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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Sabboth, May 6, 2008.

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    Alright, here's my situation. Hopefully I can explain so that people can come up with an easy solution.

    I am currently using a WRT350N as an access point. The connection has been stable for a couple of months now, after trying to troubleshoot and find an optimal spot for the router.

    However, the signal has to travel through at least 2 walls in the apartment that I live in.

    I have two computers that are connected wirelessly. The two rooms are about 50-60 feet from the router itself which is in the living room. I have a somewhat stable connection, while my roomate tends to have poor reception at times with his connection. Our whole complex is littered with wireless traffic. We both average about 57Mbps and I rarely see anything above 78. Both of us do a lot of downloading and gaming and I'm finding bandwidth to come at a premium.

    Now while I might have my terms mixed, up, originally I was thinking of just buying another N router to put into my room to catch the signal from the router in the living room and then rebroadcast that signal to both computers in hopes of at least. Am I essentially getting another router as a repeater? Or am I bridging both routers?? I just want my wireless connection to withstand peak hours without it having to drop to 1 Mbps. How does this exactly work??

    Any advice is appreciated
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