NAS200 force fan to turn off

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by mdsilva, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Hi, I have a NAS200 that I am currently modifying. I have removed the tiny LOUD fan and replaced it with a variable 120mm fan. It means I have to make a whole new box for my NAS (which is half finished).

    I am currently running the factory default firmware, but will upgrade to the new NASi200 firmware as soon as it's ready. I would like to be able to tell my NAS to spin down the drives when idle for anywhere between 1-5mins(I need to experiment) and I would also like an option to turn off the fan after 0 seconds after the hard drives spin down.

    Does the linksys nas200 web pages simply run a hdparm to set the spin down time?

    Also does anyone know if ext2 will actually give me 6mb/s transferrers instead of my normal 4mb/s than I'm currently getting?

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    I put a 50x50x10mm fan that I got from Fry's in my NAS200. No need for a new case, I just modified the existing case. The picture shows how my previous 60mm fan fitted; the new 50mm fan has just enough space between the SATA connectors and the screw hole.


    The new fan uses more power than the old one and I didn't want to risk frying the motherboard so I have it connected to the harddisk power with the Molex connectors that came with the fan. That means the fan runs permanently but at 26dbA (claimed) it's much quiter than the one that was originally on board. I can see on the serial console that the case now gets cool enough that the firmware turns the fan off so I'm planning on adding a transistor later to let the motherboard control it from the old fan header.

    I believe so; I haven't studied the code on the web pages very closely but I know hdparm is on board so it would seem logical that that's the way they control the spindown time. The fans can be controlled by Set_Led.

    I had one of my harddisks running with ext2 and I can confirm this. I now have them running XFS because I do so much experimentation that it's more important for me to recover quickly after unplugging the unit.

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    Hi Jac,

    I had the same fear so i did the transistor thing, but it wasn't a matter of just one transistor. I've attached a diagram that worked for me if you want to make it.

    Where in the SVN are the web page code? I had a browse through the SVN and couldn't seem to find it.

    If you like I could help you with the web pages for the NASi200 project.

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